Your childhood looked a lot like this (24 Photos)

  • porn n chickn

    at first i wondered why Zima was in here. then I remembered i snuck my first zima when i was 12.

    • Furthy

      Ah, Zima and Jolly Ranchers….having developed quite the taste for bourbon in recent years, I can’t believe I drank that crap as a teen.

    • xlsdx

      You probably also snuck your first cock at 12 too…

  • Sam

    thumb me up if Starfox was the best year of your life

    • flenin

      yeahhh and lylat wars!

    • Unlce Fumbles

      I’m not really a thumbs up guy, but you get a nod of agreement.

    • PDiddily

      The super FX chip was revolutionary at the time. Kids nowadays are spoiled.

    • Bill

      I hated StarFox, it sucked my balls

      • creepsareforkeeps

        Why would you hate someone for sucking your balls?

    • Anonynomnom

      Starfox was very infuriatingly challenging, but addictive enough to make you push on to finish it.

  • bowhuntpa

    zima = alcoholic sprite

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I can’t decide… 6 or 12…. decisions, decisons….
    But the ant farm, that really pissed off the parents.

  • Jones

    I think my mom still owns some of that Tupperware

  • lowdown

    we need ecto-cooler again!

  • ChrisDG74

    #5 – Zima came out my senior year of high school. Bleh – not strong enough for my tastes. Too busy with mixing the 151-proof rum(see #22).
    #7 – First 2 cars had the damn crank handles. Man are we spoiled now.
    #11 – Nom nom nom.
    #15 – Starfox was the shit!
    #22 – See comment about #5.

    • Mark

      Ive got a ’69 Lincoln that has power windows, and a 97 ford pick with crank windows… Something wrong about that.

  • rando

    you gotta be kiding me with the ecto cooler. that was awesome.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I miss the 25 ft high swings and laygrounds that weren’t for wussie yuppie moms.
    Hand crank windows were sooo not smooth when trying to hit on girls in traffic.
    *wikkawikkawikka* heeeey, babaaay! You looking fly in that VW convertible! *wikkawikkawikka*

    • Uncle_Scrotor

      I remember the 25 ft high swing sets. No one caught more air time than me. I was epic once.

      • Anonymous

        fuck yes. lists like these make me sad .. the comments.. lets all go play! lets get on those fucking scooters and get all sweaty and cool off with the ecto … play on those monster fucking swings and lay back on the upswing while your hair hits the ground……… lets be incredibly “cool” with our zima giggling and hanging out in the summer twilight with the sprinklers and the barbeque smells and the cars and the lights twinkling on as it gets darker and the conversations and jokes get better and flirtier… SIGH!

  • Willy Fuckin Nelson

    Damn that puffy paint picture brought tears to my eyes. Word Out.

  • Brandon

    In summary: Remember playing outside and having an imagination?

  • Mattythegooch

    I just soiled my Underoos.

  • lolz

    stupid computers it replaced all the good stuff back then lol

  • Equalizer

    Starfox? I play Super Mario in Nintendo

  • bigslippy

    kids today suck.

    I fully condone you all going out and knocking down the next 5th grader with a cell phone

  • toilet paper

    Its…. like… some sort of…. Chive time machine.

  • scotteb

    Yeah, I remember when foursquare was a fun game, instead of a retarded app telling everyone where you are.

  • Time Machine

    I’ll be damned if I didn’t have or used 98% of that.

  • dkbales

    I’m Married, I still use the hand crank…

    • Ryan

      I get it……It’s like masturbating.

  • smithey

    damn, i can relate to everything on this list… except the zima haha

  • Anonymous

    Im 12 and what is all this?

  • Thats Probably a Good Idea

    This is awesome. Well played chive….well played.

  • Murf

    That ecto cooler juice made my day.

  • dt520

    Man I spit gatorade all over my screen when I scrolled to the Zima, I can’t believe I used to steal that shit at my cousins house when we were in 5th grade… still, good times.

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    fuck all that shit

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