Your childhood looked a lot like this (24 Photos)

  • Grindstone

    Holy fuck, I still have the cups from #16 in my cupboard

  • jimbob

    holy $hit! where’d you find #20??? i had that exact same one. uber-spooky, chive.

  • Anonymous

    thanks Chive! that brought back some fond memories.

  • Chaim

    What about Shrinky Dinks? Anyone remember those?

  • Dudeman

    The one with the plastic cups… We still have the brown jug. Seriously.

  • tburk23

    #7 is sadly still my reality…

  • Mark G.

    good call on the Ecto Cooler

  • bubble_rider86

    i miss the days when kids were cool……we totally rocked it when we were younger… awesome Chivers!!

  • ArmyHooker

    What about Legos without a theme and 500 special pieces? Definitely a great list. I remember StarFox being the most bad ass game out for a damn long time, LaserTag being what only the cool kids had, and Ecto Cooler being the best Hi-C ever.

    As to number 3… it’s a shame that $400 phones have replaced a $.01 sheet of paper and a $.25 pencil (from the school store, of course… with the fruit scented pencil top eraser).

  • bodhi1990

    Oh man 19…love the candy, hate the paper, yet they were inseperatable

  • geez

    one thing i would have added were creepy crawlers…

  • dirty sanchez

    ECTO COOLER still exists……it has gone by a couple different names and is no longer green, but it is there.

  • Anonymous

    all I have to say is FUCKING A Yes to number 22, They need to bring that shit back, pronto.

  • Merrr

    I freaking LOVED those scooters. Seriously where can I buy that shit?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    As an artist I lived for #18. Used it all the time!

  • inismor

    what is the game on #10?

  • P-90

    #20 I think I had that.

  • Thisisme

    I just paid $250 to replace the motor for my power window. I wonder how much Dad paid to get his window handle replaced? We are suckers.

  • RiderFan

    Ecto-cooler! hat stuff tasted awesome!

  • Pants


  • 1chapelcredit

    Come on, Chive; That was Laser Challenge in those pictures. And besides, Lazer Tag is still alive and awesome.

  • imsofreakinold

    you could never eat those candy buttons without getting some paper with it… mmm.. paper

  • Dennis

    Looks like Zima wasn’t your only problem while growing up.

  • Annie

    Ah I remember most of this (I’m 23)
    And my car is a 98 and it has hand crank windows. My deceased 92 and automatic.

  • Erin

    We did field day for my kid’s school yesterday and we used the scooter squares, my son brings home fortune tellers every day, and they still sell grow capsules at the dollar store.

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