Your childhood looked a lot like this (24 Photos)

  • John

    Dude…I still have hand-crank windows!!

  • bigslippy

    and what about Greenday before they got emo-haircuts and faux political?!

  • asha086

    I remember Zima I drank that shit when I was a teen in Texas! (im 24) And I also remembe the square scooters in gym class, the capsules you have to soak in water to get the animal out, Hi-C, Man great memories! Thanks Chive!

  • Drizzt

    Zima? Zima!!??? Come on!!! If you’re going to put alcohol on there that brings back memories, you need to put Strohs or Pabst Blue Ribbon on there. Or Hamms even!!!

  • Bames Jond

    Fuck StarFox, GoldenEye was tha bomb!
    Playing in the attic, with your friends 4 player splitscreen on the smallest tv you’ve ever seen. That was awesome!

  • Drewcifer

    is it wrong for #10 to turn me on? oh the fun we had with that as kids… anyone up for a game of Doctor?

    • Drewcifer

      I meant #20… yes 10 is very wrong… haha

  • Vito303

    My childhood was at least 15 of those.

  • herky2012… I almost lost so many fingers because of these things.

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