Momma bear to the rescue (Video)

To all our Chivers who think I hate animals this video is for you. I apologize for yesterday’s “Dog dancing to the beat” video, however, to me it just looked like a dog that was..well….dancing to the beat. Nothing more. Furthermore I have two dogs and love animals, hence all the animal posts I alone put up each week. Thanks for the heads up and again sorry for the misinterpretation.

  • Yada


    • confused

      You’re a douche Yada and not original in any way

      • mook

        Nice first Yada, lets kick confused ass now.

  • col lol

    This is not funny! That bear clearly has a serious neurological disorder! =P

    • Floopa_Joopa

      I laughed.
      You’ve made my day.

    • viraldacay

      very nice lol, god those douche bags from the other video pissed me off. The dog wasnt hurt and the video was funny.

      • Matt

        your ignorance is sad.

        • viraldacay

          Sorry but in this instance you are the one who is ignorant. I have a cousin who has Down Syndrome but you dont see me attacking every pic that makes fun of that condition. I fully respect that many of those photos are funny and just because my personal connection makes them less funny to me doesnt mean I attack and ruin it for everyone else including you. The person who made that video timed it perfectly and it was funny, the condition of the dog is sad but thats life. P.S. where is the proof the dog has this disease to begin with? One person said it and we all took it as fact. Some animals do just react to music.

          • mook

            Haha your cousin is a retard.

          • Sukotai

            I wrote that. That dog had canine distemper. And dogs don’t have any sense for rhythm. Your argument is wrong on so many levels.. How can you even compare Down Syndrom with Canine Distemper ?? Bob understood my point and took action. I’m fine now. Good site

  • Sukotai

    hehe ! Bob, you’re forgiven.

  • Robbo

    She’s sayin, wait till your father gets home, he’s going to eat you.

  • Bdog

    Wait, what was wrong with the dog yesterday?

    • augwell

      The dog from yesterday has/had a neurological disorder and in fact was having a seizure. To the ignorant (used in it’s proper meaning) I can see how the video was “funneh”. However, having had to put down a puppy of my own with the same disorder, it was tear-jerking sadness to see a video and people thinking it was funny.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Was anyone else expecting it to fling him way off into the wild blue yonder with an echoing, ‘WAHOOHOOHOOOO!’ Goofy-style?

  • garp

    …Bob the tree-hater

  • winston002

    does anyone else have an erge to buy charmin toilet paper?

    • Anonymous

      No, but I have an urge to buy you a dictionary.

      • augwell

        omg lolz @ anonymous buying a dikshunairee

  • Joey

    “Mom! What the hell are you doing?! This is not helping, this is the opposite of help..”

  • augwell

    the fact that you’re willing to say sorry, itself says a lot. agreed. forgiven. moving on to more lulz

  • slutifer

    HA HA HA HA!!! that was trololo

  • Matt

    Bob your forgiven now that you apologized. Now onto this thread…. lol it was funny. poor little cub got stuck up in the tree and the momma bear tried shaking the tree to get him down haha. then had the bright idea to climb up to bend the tree low enough. its awesome how smart animals can be.

  • top dog

    Well, she got him down.
    Momma Bear: You just wait till you home young man, your butt is mine!!!

  • Random

    oh now your hating trees bob

  • (A)

    The reaction of the cub once it’s down makes me think it was hiding from the mama bear to begin with.

    “She cant get me up here, i think it’s good”
    …2 minutes later…
    “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuuuuuck new tree new tree!”

  • lfsg

    love the tiny bear trying to help!

  • Leif erikson

    baby pedobear, up to no good again.

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    […] Momma bear rescues cub video […]

  • Flemming Bæk

    can't see it 😦

  • Flemming Bæk

    if any can send me a link too see it plz

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