Please cuff me (16 Photos)

  • leif erikson

    I’m ready for my cavity search.

  • Its-a me, Mario

    In what universe is #2 hot?

    • keithp420

      in Japan…

    • FartFace

      None.. there is no place in existence where that trash would be considered hot by anyone with a brain.

      • Verbal Kint

        So then… Pittsburgh?

  • Bizzle

    Picture 2 and 4 can keep walking….woof

    • ce

      #2 yes but #4? That’s Kelly Brook you berk. Bow down and apologise

  • infamous9

    #1 looks like a cardboard cutout…..

  • Jaroff

    i think that if the police looked like this, there would be more crime and less running.

  • kingdouche

    #5 is pr0nstar Kayden Kross, just Google ;D

  • sickchuck

    I am William Shatner and I invented hot cops.

  • zym

    What’s up with the photobomb on #13?

    • Equalizer

      If you first notice that photobomb in #13 then I have a bad news for you…

  • garp

    …one fetish I never understood

  • Furthy


    Great ass on #15 though.

  • top dog

    They can read me my rights anytime. You have the right to a hand job, if you give up that right, you have the right to a b….. wait a minute, are these real COPS?

  • 8723496459

    cuff, cuff, read it back?
    # 4 & 12 are ooomph!

  • Outlaw

    Not to sound all NWA, but makes me wanna F*** da Police

  • somethings

    Just walk through a college bar crowd on about any campus on Halloween. About half of these could be replaced with pictures of hotter!

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  • TQ

    Smells like bacon…

  • th3nobody

    4 and 5 look like porn stars.

  • Jeff

    Soldier does not equal Cop
    Does not equal girl holding sidearm.

    But thank you for the scenery.

  • Anonymous

    1 time, 2 times, 3 times a lady

  • Buffet

    I hate all pigs, regardless of gender, but I’d eat that ass on #15!

    • top dog

      It’s not real man, real ass smell like shit.

  • BobbyR0

    Hell yeah, #9 is from Romania!! So do i!

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  • manguaco
  • Ed the Engineer


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