Pointless foot tattoos with a side of pain (14 Photos)

  • OneClownShoe

    I’m all for tattoos but if you come near the bottom of my feet with a needle, I will brain you!

  • greenerblues

    Where have I seen this post before?……….

    • giraffe


    • HellHathNoFury

      The Berry

    • Anonymous


  • zym

    The Chicago L Train system map, #12? Really? REALLLY???

    • Zach

      I think 12 is pretty badass

      • 1337drewby

        Well damn dogg, not everyone can be from NYC or London… I got respect for somebody representing their home.

  • Ben

    ink doesn’t stay in the bottom of your feet, nevermind how many nerve endings there are .

  • Confucius

    #14… weed, literally

  • MissChris

    I do like a couple, like 4 & 9, but I can’t imagine getting a tat on the bottom of my foot! Ouch!

  • garp

    …completely illogical, does not compute

  • Josh

    i'm diggin the soulfly artwork in #7

    • mike

      oh yeah? you diggin that swastika split in half too? this is crap. soulfly sucks, and so do nazis.

  • Equalizer


  • top dog

    Screw the tattoos, If I had hammer toes like that I’d never show my feet.

    • top dog

      Thats what Tyrone Biggums would say.

      • Mattythegooch

        Well that, and, this is not the first time I’ve tasted a penis, Joe Rogan!!

  • dt520

    If your gonna get a stupid ass tattoo it might as well be in the place it will get worn off the quickest… I’ll give em that much.

  • goochiebag

    The bats are pretty sexy. Perfect for a goth with a foot fetish.

  • Gorgon

    Ugly feet

  • bartenderjay

    dt520……..you’re a fucking retard

  • Clubfoot

    My brother tattoos the bottom of my feet every two months or so. It hurts less than my arms or back. Few spots of ink stay very long. He’s learning, but don’t want to give him a leg yet

  • cat21

    C. MON PEOPLE WASH YOUR FEET..this is disgusting, especially number 5 and number 9.

  • myfingersmellslikeHHNF


  • Nameless

    Anyone else notice the swastika on number 7? Classy. Reeeeal classy.

  • Greg

    ISO repost from the berry….

  • Anonymous

    CTA on number 12. pretty fucken cool.

  • slack

    Tattoo’s on the bottom of the feet won’t last long at all. Sad that theres still shitty artists out there willing to take money to do tattoos on people that they know won’t last.

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