Soccer fans are certified nuts (26 Photos)

These colorful celebrations followed by an emergency call to a fire station. Gotta love soccer’s enthusiasm.

  • paul skinback

    Fuckin yanks will never get it, most of them dont even realise theres a wide wide world outside their little country.



  • Lolman

    To the people who think American “Football” is justly named:-
    1.) Foot – the foot is not the majorly used appendage (running doesn’t count idiots).
    2.) Ball – the ball was originally defined as a spherical object, only recently “ovoid” had been added to accomodate the name so it wouldn’t sound stupid.

  • HellHathNoFanClub

    Bitch back and forth all you want, but everyone awesome knows that Quidditch is the only sport worth following.


      Everyone who gives you a thumbs up is a kiss ass. Everyone who gives you a thumb down is an asshole with a tiny penis. Everyone who’s afraid to rate you is a pussy. There. That should just about cover it.

      Sorry, I’m not really interested in the carnage of the pictures posted above, it’s late at night and I’m bored and soccer/football/futbol riots just really aren’t doing anything for me.

      • HellHathNoFury

        But…but what if you like to kiss assholes with tiny penises?


          Well, I suppose that means you have father issues and don’t have high standards. If he’s gonna be an asshole with a tiny penis, perhaps you’re kissing him because he A) has money, B) is hot, C) was the only person with enough confidence to approach you at the time you were looking for it, or D) some combination of those three.

          lol. I’d say the safe bet is to hold out for the nice guy that’s well-endowed. It’s a win/win because not only will you be happier, but your kids will have higher standards for dating men or being men themselves if you decide to go the kids route.

          I suppose that could be considered overanalysis, and you’d be right. That’s just how I roll

  • Casey

    Alright, let’s settle this once and for all
    American football’s new name = throwball
    soccer is now = football

    anyways, croatian fans (haejduk split, dinamo zagreb) usually put on some pretty gnarly flare displays. it looks like the pitch is surrounded by hellfire. pretty insane

  • th3nobody

    Ah, very appropriate before the World Cup. Let’s get it on.

  • Pufffdragon

    It’s like saying whether it’s chips or fries. Just depends what part of the planet you live on Douche Balls!! Get over it.

  • pierre

    soccer? i don’t even know her

  • Chris

    football or soccer, its all a load of rubbish (being polite) how you guys get such a thrill out of watching a bunch of men kicking a ball round a field (and paying for it) is beyond me…..if i was your wife or girlfriends i would be very worried bout your sexuality!!!! these pictures show that there is seriously somthing wrong with you all, i mean you pay through the nose for tickets to these games and smoke everyone out so no one can see…….doh……then after you all have a punch up, really clever and grown up….NOT!!!!!

    • Irwin 109

      Thank fuck someone agrees! Football is a load of over-hyped shit. A bunch of guys getting paid a stupid amount of money for kicking a ball round a pitch and pretending to be hurt. Then the people who will pay ridiculous amounts of money to freeze their asses off (generally) just to barely see it from a massive distance away, or not see it at all as everyone else seems intent on providing smoke cover, what do they think they’re playing Call Of Duty?!

      So yeah just to make my point clear; in my opinion one of the saddest things you can do is watch 10-12 men kick a ball round a pitch for 90(ish) minutes and not be bothered that they’re getting paid more than people who actually make a difference in this world.

      • P-90

        Although I’m not an avid fan of football (I do check the scores on saturday afternoon) I feel the need to stick up for those who do. Football is the most played and followed team sport on the planet and is enjoyed by the vast majority of men (And a suprising amount of women). Those who slag it off are not only such a minority that they would be considered ‘not normal’ they also usually have intrests or hobbies that are far far more pathetic than anythying do to with the beautiful game.

        • Irwin 109

          Well coming from the land that unfortunately spawned football (soccer) I beg to differ. It’s not as much of a small minority as you think, the “I hate Football” Facebook page alone has over 9,000 ‘likes’. Just because it’s mainstream doesn’t make it good. As for hobbies and interests that are far more pathetic what do you mean? My sporting interests include Hockey, Ice Hockey, UFC and other MMA at least in those sports people don’t take dives like little pussies, pretend to get hurt or tripped over. How can you call it a beautiful when all they really are nowadays is overpaid actors?

          • P-90

            You don’t come across as being form Britain (Where football was ‘spawned’ as you say). ‘9000 likes’ That’s pathetically insignificant compared to the scores of people who like football. Comparing the thousands of professional footballers to the very small who minority who are whinging divers is ignorant, most of them are hard working world class athletes, calling them all pussies would be like me calling all MMA fighter gay because they enyoy being on the floor wresting other men in almost no clothing.

            • Irwin 109

              Of course it’s going to be insignificant in comparison to the fans of it otherwise it wouldn’t exist, I’m just saying it’s not that small of a majority. And yes whilst there are still many footballers who just want to play the game as it should be I feel it has been ruined by those who don’t and again I’d say it happens more than you think. It’s the same reason I went off Formula One, they changed the rules and sneaky, dirty things started to happen, the game got tainted.

    • Anonymous

      Chris you are a fucking idiot!

      • chris

        No not an idiot, (typical abuse from a “football thug) but very, very sensible, as i said im not the one watching men/boys kick a little ball round a field and like Irwin 109 says its absolutely ridiculous the amount of money they get paid…..there are obviously far more important jobs and trillions of hungry homeless people in the world that shud get that money, and to think that some of my money goes towards the policing, and clening up of you lot getting too excited about those men/boys “playing with balls” and causing riots and even sometimes taking lives, i think its bloody outrageous. you shoud try amusing yourselfs in another way (playing with your own balls would be an idea) it would be totally different if the money that was made from football went towards the towns and cities that the grounds are located in, i knew a shop owner who had his shop wrecked by football idiots and had to claim on his insurance, and then his premiums went up, the money should be claimed from the football associtation, and the police shouldnt partly be paid by us, it should all come from the fa,

  • Lolita

    American football is popular in America, but futbol/football is the most watched and played sport in the entire world. So zip it about American football being the best sport, thats one opinion (or the U.S.a’s opinion) against the World. Why don’t they have (American football) a World Cup tournament as huge and wordly popular as the FIFA World Cup? and for those saying that soccer is boring its not a real sport ect. the exact same thing for American football. If you don’t like it okay, but atleast have so respect for other peoples favorite sport. I personally am not a fan of American football, thought I do love the enthusiasm football fans have, as well as futbol/football fans. Being in the stands cheering on your favorite team with their songs or athnems and doing some crazy or wild stunts (ex. the smoke bombs) is a huge rush! Go Rayados de Monterrey!!

    • Blip

      And yet soccer is still boring as hell.

  • Ruf

    A sport loved and watched by the WORLD is boring?

    • Irwin 109

      ‘Fraid so

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    • Chris

      its not watched and loved by the whole world, there is more that dont like it than do!!!!

      • MichaelGS

        Actually it’s about a 50/50 split across the globe

  • KDeesey

    U.S.A/Canada + Football = Tough SPORT played by talented athletes..

    Euro/Rest of the world + Football = Fairies diving like pussies..

    Soccer is for those who won't play an actuall sport like Football and Hockey.. Soccer is NOT a SPORT.. Its a GAME.. JUST LIKE 'TAG' But at least there's no diving from the 'Tag' players…

  • Johnny

    The term soccer originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as an Oxford "-er" (such as footer, rugger, etc) abbreviation of the word "association".
    So all the Brits getting upset at the 'yanks' saying soccer instead of football, it's your own word!

    Also, if we're talking boring sports, nothing beats the boredom that is Baseball…

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