The Cadillac of bomb shelters (9 Photos)

  • ikindalikeapples

    this is better than my house.. where can i get one of these?

    • Bear6

      this is why america is in the shits… waste money on shit cause you think your getting bombed. And, of course you cant just make a normal bomb shelter… some capitalist asshole gets in there and hires a gay interior designer… prolly a military man too

      • heatandmotion

        Actually, the capitalist military asshole hiring the gay interior designer is helping the situation by putting government money into the economy, starting the wonderful process of money multipliers, creating jobs and aiding to *better* the current situation. Definately helping a lot more than you, sitting on chive doing nothing productive…

  • stafferty

    You pussies, I will be out there fighting the zombies like a real man.

    • mattguy9000

      Yeah, but you have to have some place safe to sleep, might as well be a posh underground fortress.

  • Anonymous

    its vault 101

  • Equalizer

    It looks like a school dorm for me…

  • Nicnac

    #2 too many entrances to defend from zombies, seal from radiation…

    • Nick4444

      That room is connecting to the other rooms, not the outside. If it’s a bomb shelter, it probably has a couple of well sealed hatches to enter/exit. It’s a bomb shelter for a reason.

      • Nicnac

        yah but what happens when the zombies/mutants get into your bunker and that is the last room you can defend?

        • mulliganstu

          Just save one bullet for yourself… Or maybe a panic room in your bomb/zombie shelter…

        • sfmountainbiker

          Nicnac, I like your style. You’ve got to think ahead if you’re going to stay one step ahead of the zombies.

        • Redskin

          You hit the pause butto, get up and get a snack. Then you figure out your next play.

  • EvilorStupid

    I don’t see a humidor or a room full of kegs of beer, so this shelter fails.

  • panchaserb

    this is only for wery rich people…
    only rich will survive…
    I hope they will die downthere

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  • dt520

    I wouldn’t mind lying to myself saying the nuclear apocalypse is happening just to go live in there.

  • Redskin

    It needs an atrium with UV lighting immitating an outside space. That would keep people from developing claustrophobia or going nuts. Hey, if you're going all out, why not? I also don't see a Comm room in this design.

  • day

    your comments are hilarious….. huahahaha 😀
    this is why i like this website, if you cant find the pictures entertaining, do check the comments..


  • Joshua


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