Cheryl Cole was made for Fridays (24 Photos)

I've been meanin' to do this post for a while now. Ever since I found out Cheryl Cole's soccer-star husband, Ashley Cole, cheated on her with some hairdresser who's a 6 on her best day. I'll be the first to say that I think monogamy is for fools but I'd never leave the house if I was married to a rack like that. Would you? Anyway, enjoy Cheryl...

  • Uberbrie


    • Malachi

      Isn’t it obvious? She’s bad in bed!

    • thatdude

      So what. both are sluts, Cherry just looks better.

  • Jon

    Thank you, Chive. Fridays are great, but seeing these photos put a perfect cap on the week. Mission accomplished.

  • jethro


  • paul d.

    for some reason #18 really gets me. i love this woman

    • meh

      sex face?

  • uber mask


    how could u cheat on her with THAT?

  • stafferty

    She should get revenge and go slumming with somebody like me. That will show that bastard.

    • stafferty

      On a related note, if she is looking for a guy to go slumming with, I am available and willing to make that sacrifice in the name of justice.

      • ikindalikeapples

        i’ll let you have her on weekends.

        • flenin


  • chester

    she needs to lose that white trash leg tat stat.

  • Furthy

    She’s a 10, but must be a completely intolerable bitch. There’s no other explanation for the infidelity.

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    i woulda banged that last broad too

  • Robbie

    No matter how hot someone is, somewhere there is someone who is tired of their shit.

  • NTFW

    OMFG WHYYYYYYYYY…. wow, I absolutely never win. FML

  • Adirem

    5 years and she’ll be on meth

  • NTFW

    Also, the last girl looks like KATE + 8 .. lol

  • dawson1488

    Show me the hottest chick in the world and I’ll show you the guy who is tired of fucking her.

  • sfmountainbiker

    ” if I was married to a rack”

    This may be your first problem in not understanding this. No one marries a rack. Even the best rack has a talking mouth attached to it. You had better like that talking mouth or you might as well forget about the rack. Just some relationship advice from sfmountainbiker.

  • Spiderpig615

    I think Cheryl Cole was made for every day of the week.

  • Tiger's Wood

    I like the green in 16!

    • Tiger's Wood

      Those must be her favorite “comfy” shorts, I just noticed she is wearing them in #7 as well.

  • HellHathNoFanClub

    No matter what she’s like at home, if he didn’t want her anymore, he could have divorced her instead of cheating on her.
    Just goes to show no matter how hot you are, men will cheat no matter what.

    • ikindalikeapples

      the guy is an idiot and for all we know, she could be a complete bitch.

      p.s- comments like this is why people dont really like you

      • HellHathNoFanClub

        For all you know, she’s not.
        Hey, maybe she cheated on him, too. But if you can’t man up and be monogamous, don’t drag someone else into your philandering lifestyle. Grow up and be a man.
        I work with hundreds, no, thousands of men, and it’s a very rare occurrence that I meet one who hasn’t bragged to his friends about the chick he’s bangin behinds his woman’s back.
        Yes, that’s my bitterness speaking, I’m first to say it. It’s nice to know that you can’t trust your man, your friends, or any bitch you meet. It’s why I’m single and why I’ll stay that way. I don’t like trash in my bed.

        • Tiger's Wood

          If you don’t like trash in your bed then where do you sleep?

          Also, let’s be a little more creative with the name… you’re not going to overshadow the original HHNF.

          That is all.

          • HellHathNoFury

            Who says it’s not me?
            Oh crap, forgot to change it back, thanks though.

            • HellHathNoFury

              I’ll be the first to say that was very stupid of me. Durhurhur.

            • nelly02

              whats with all the bad vibes against HHNF? chill, stop being bitch arses! easy being mean on the net and not to peoples faces eh? so people get fucked up by relationships? don’t mean you have to slag them man.
              anyway i like her so bollocks.
              not that i even know her obviousely but you know what i mean, makes me laugh with her virtual presence. i’m not drunk you know.

        • tyrese clinkscale

          You poor soul…someone really fucked you up.

        • David

          If you know that many men and they’re all cheating than you are hanging with the wrong crowd. The next question is why are you? You’ll bitter about it but you hang with them.

    • P-90

      So will women, they sexes are as bad as each other. (An no that’s not speaking from personal experience)

      • HellHathNoFury

        Little girls are the Devil!!!

        • rso

          What’s a fury? A marmot? And why has hell hath none?

          • HellHathNoFury

            RSO hath no literary luminosity

            • DoubleOhSeven

              if I were HHNF I would have given up on all of you long ago. It’s like you wait for her to post just so you can knock whatever she’s saying. If you don’t like her so be it, but you don’t have to constantly remind everyone you don’t like her. It’s getting boring now guys, let it go and move on. Most of you can’t keep with her anyway.

  • Matt M

    Holy CRAP! What a retard……by the way HUGE OVERSTATEMENT with the 6 rating for the mistress

  • me!!1


  • TexWatson

    I would like to octo mom her or kevin federline her.

  • nickmare

    she is good

  • top dog

    She may be hot to some of you but apparently she’s was a A-hole to her husband. If you are going to get married, then be a wife, not a butthead. Then mabe he won’t go out get in the street what you try to hold him hostage with at home. If you won’t give it to him somebody else will.

  • bigdaddydrew

    Maybe the ugly one does stuff that the hot one refuses. Still though…Im sure there are much hotter girls he could pull that are willing to swallow.

  • Anonymous

    No matter how good she looks, somewhere somebody is tired of her shit.

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