• Belisario

    damn it ! I hate to say it, but you’re a genius

  • PooPooCachoo

    What? So the guy made a website, but we don’t see it! We just get to read about him telling us about it.


    • Belisario

      PooPoo.. please stay in your basement and never go out. Your stupidity is a threat.

    • B.S.

      so, you are claiming that he got such a fucking awesome idea, which seem way too smart for you to understand, and yet he didn’t spend a 6box on it.

  • sma11time

    Excellent. Great idea and well played.

  • Spengler

    I don’t have a clue about who those people are.

  • A Fan

    I'm confused…how did he get his website to be the number 1 hit on Google? Doesn't Google rank in order of hit count?

    • Wow

      It was a paid for Ad at the top, not a top site.

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