If kids are the future, why do we tell them not to grow up? (19 Photos)

  • uglyduckling91

    FIRST 😀

    • Anonmouse

      Speaking of children…

      • hate anonmouse

        So what if he said first. What are you the chive police? The more I look back at your comments all you’re doing is putting people down and acting like some internet snob. FU anonmouse!

        • Hate John Candy

          STFU…John Candy! Yu’re supposed to stay dead ya fukwit!

        • HellHathNoFanClub

          I’m headed to the store for some tampons: you take Super, right?

        • Anonmouse

          You’re right. I apologize. That one person that gave the “First” comment a thumbs up (vs. the current tally of 24 thumbs down) has it all right and the rest of us, including myself, are wrong in our opinion. Let me guess, you’re actually uglyduckling91 and you’re upset that the highlight of your day fell flat in the thumbs up department.

  • CunningLinguist


    and wtf?

  • confused

    I have no hope for some of these kids

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #6 Grew up to star in Poltergeist…

  • Chucky

    This was stupid. Chive you suck

  • DaddyD

    #11 … future body paint artist on the left … future SI swimsuit model on the right.

  • The Dude

    Not funny Chive and you know it. This is supposed to be my time where I slack off at work not yours. This is what happens when we both slack off. I get nothing accomplished and you don’t make me laugh. So less baby pictures kids scare us!!!!

  • P-90

    #1 Yes, you were awesome once.
    #6 What is that?
    #16 Awwww itty bitty Hawsee.

  • Equalizer

    #17 – “I will shoo yoo my kong-puuu..”

  • Spiderpig615

    Wow. What a fierce group of kids on 5.

  • ken

    #6: and I thought zombies were just a myth!

    #13: Houdini’s crib?

    #15: Beautiful Golden!

  • Mattythegooch

    #12…I cried three kids in a bucket, fuck it.

  • sfmountainbiker

    #6: Someone call an exorcist!
    #11: PWND!!!!

  • Jones

    #16 Baby mini-horse? I want one.

  • mook

    Why do we tell them not to grow up?

    Who the fuck tells kids to stop acting like adults and act like children?
    Who writes this crap? I tell children to grow the hell up all the time.

  • Halloweenghost

    #5 : Them some Gangstas!

  • rushCloud

    It was hard getting past #1, it’s just to funny. Then #19 cracked me up as well.

  • asha086

    I use to own a mini horse. Pulled my moms shorts down to her ankles! But these kids are fierce!

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