Harley Davidson bike in the year 2020…(6 Photos)

Jonathan Russel has a vision for the future of bikes and apparently this is it. His new Harley Davidson envisions lots of aluminum and laser etching, as seen here and he also apparently hopes to make some sort of hybrid of a motorcycle and an Apple computer. I don’t know, what do you think?

  • mattywestside

    Why aren’t they hovering? I heard they have flying ones in a galaxy far away

  • jeff in Australia

  • joey

    Where’s my bitch supposed to sit?

  • HimAgain

    Come on its Harley. If you want to see a 2020 harley just look at a 1970 harley or a 1990 harley or a 2000 harley or a 2010 Harley. Imagination is not thier strong point.

    And yes I do ride daily

  • Zach

    That is FAIL!!!!! thats not a Harley…

  • Equalizer


  • ToGGoT

    I heard it had Perimeter BRAKES, but hey.

    Nicely modelled by your typical harley riding ex-skateboarder… Because we all have that figure of course 😉

  • Robi5150

    The last time Harley did something “radical” they introduced the V rod….not a very popular bike when introduced.

  • Don

    I think a big leap for harley would simply be a radiator.

    Considering the ignition system used on Harley’s today was considered high-tech in 1935, simply adding fuel injection would be leaps forward in terms of specific horsepower.

    Didn’t they just add front disk brakes in the last 10 or so years? Maybe by 2120 they’ll have ABS.

  • goneinsane

    jeez, forget the styling, why not just make a harley that is reliable, modern and can go round corners!

  • frredd

    I can see the hells angels driving them now. With their Chihuahuas in their purse

  • Danny

    It's still going to be overrated, overhyped and overpriced..

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Hells Angels would kill whoever thought of that concept.

  • duanerz

    If that ever becomes a HARLEY I am burning mine !!!

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