It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (20 Photos)

  • DonkeyBalls

    FIRST AGAIN!!!! Go ahead, drown me in your tears of jealousy!!!11!!11!11 HAHAHAHA

    • HellHathNoFury

      Ahhh, it’s always nice to know that you don’t have anything clever to say, isn’t it?

    • bcbeltes

      Seriously – do you parents know you’re wasting their internet time with this crap?

      • Furthy

        It’s just so fucking stupid. Why is it so great to be the first to comment? More importantly, why do I care if he wants to gloat about it? America is dying, people. Frankly, if the government were to institute mandatory IQ tests with low scorers being sentenced to concentration (read: DEATH) camps, I’m not too sure that I would give a shit… long as I didn’t get too hammered the night before MY test.

        • HellHathNoFury

          I just love a good, totally unsolicited yuppie doomspeech on Monday mornings.

    • McBeastie

      When you’ve got a name like DonkeyBalls, I’m inclined to reserve my judgement on firsties at least once…but when you firstie twice, I’ve gotta go ahead and call you a cocksucker.

      • TheVoicesInYourHead

        What did you expect from somebody who willingly calls themselves donkey balls though?

    • hahahah

      donkeyballs you are a legend, and HHNF you’re a yuppie

  • ch0nies

    Its to much to ask to just comment on the pictures isnt it Mr balls.

    • RubberDogTurds

      I’m not sure he deserve to be addressed in such a formal manner after that

  • Anonmouse

    Let’s not be too mean to the DonkeyBalls guy…this is as good as his life gets.

  • NoUse4aName

    Keeping the pimp-hand strong.
    Dave Chapelle ————–>

    • Wilbur

      That’s eddie murphy, jackass.

    • that-weed-dude


  • Robbo

    #19 yep I shit a brick when I noticed it 😦

  • Equalizer

    I don’t get #19

    • Nicnac

      there’s a hand, or foot or something else behind the chick in the front, between her legs… to some, i guess it looks like a weird dick…

  • WhatAnAssGasket

    Awesome post! I think there should be a motivational poster that says “First. The comment you make when you can’t think of anything funny to say.”

  • kirts197

    #19 bricks have been shat

  • Bob Loblaw

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand is an awesome show!

    • Anonmouse

      It really was surprisingly good. After the first episode I was thinking it was going to be some cheap 300 ripoff but it ended up with a great storyline. Let’s hope Andy Whitfield (the actor that played Spartacus) beats cancer!

  • Anonymous

    19 is just fuckin wierd…

  • B-Rad

    Yes it is!

  • toilet paper

    Hey, don’t laugh at my girlfriend’s cock. I wish I had a pet hyena. I would name him George and…

    • HellHathNoFury

      …and pet him and love him?

      • bodhi1990

        man i love redheads, as long as they have pretty faces ginger girls are alright in my book

        • bodhi1990

          weird, i clicked reply to DaddyD and HHNF’s comments, oh well


    Could also be confused with a baby’s arm reaching out. That would be more brick-shittery than just a simple misshapen penis.

  • Babe seeker

    Does anyone know the name of the babe in 20?

    • youdummy


  • DaddyD

    All pales in comparison to 20. She is my new motivation until HHNF ditches her current beau and agrees to date me exclusively … or at least once.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’ll fully agree to drool on her with you.
      You get the burlap sack, I’ll get a box propped on a stick with food underneath.

  • Paz

    Red heads are always awesome.

    • Verruckt

      I like gingers so much I married one

  • DonkeyBalls

    U all are fags btw..

    • bcbeltes

      So was that a special hardware upgrade to your Xbox that tells you that? ‘Yes, I’d like to purchase the ‘sexual orientation’ add-on please…

      Try using it on yourself – oh wait, it’s not ‘ribbed for your pleasure’

  • bcbeltes

    And now that I’ve vented for the day, can SOMEONE post #20’s phone number?

  • Anonymous

    how many times is #10 going to be posted, chive??

    • damn

      As many as it takes pal. As many as it takes!

  • aosux

    Ginger? Is that you?!!

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  • northerner

    #20, holy cow. She’s gorgeous….drop dead gorgeous. Dayum….!

    #15, LOL! That might the the young man’s mum and he’s just trying to protect her dignity…but dang she’s got a lovely tush! Yowza….

  • Anonymous

    Soon this page will be anicent history. #8!!!!!!!!!

  • TripleNipple

    #19………. oh boy, it’ll definately be a long day with that in my mind

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