Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 Photos)

  • Jerry Collins

    I think Virgil just showed up early. I hope. 😦

  • Todd

    Sorry guess i’m a perv… but I see a Vag on #22..

  • Belisario

    # 17 the best outfit if you are going to Mekka

  • ken

    The print ad mistakes of #10 and #4 = LOL. I’m sure Mr. Brownridge was pretty kool with it but that Ms. Merchant was not!

    #16: really?

  • ken

    Oh and, RE #1: That is the only way a Holstein would be seen with a Jersey.

  • apjakub

    Picture#7 Is that Sylvester Stallone going Rocky Balboa on his ass?

  • sam

    i feel bad for virgil 😦

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