If you’re into Japanese women, I’ve got a winner for you (22 Photos)

Yesterday, one of our awesome Chivers emailed us a single image (directly below) and requested we post it to cure the Monday blues. Well it worked. I got dozens of emails after we posted the image of people asking us who the exotic Asian was and wanting MOAR of her. Wish granted. - Her name is Reon Kadena and she was recently named Askmen's #1 hottest Japanese model. Hopefully she puts some sunshine in your Tuesday...

  • R

    I’m in love… oh and

    Conan —–>

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    Good for Monday and good for Wednesday. Thank you!

  • orno man

    #19 is not evidence of a pubic hair mound. It is a big old cock and balls struggling to be set free. Reon Kadena is 100% tranny. I saw a special on the Discovery Channel about him. His real name is Ryan Cooper. He was born in Gary, Indiana, and his father was Mexican and his mother was Cambodian. This is the absolute truth. You don’t need to look into it any further.

  • Anonymous

    bullshit… its a nice thick juicy pussy. i’ve shoved my tounge into them and found nothing but awesome, and tasty juice

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  • Lady Shamisen

    OMG I would so hit that!

  • i done said that

    Tranny, you can see the cock in pic number 19

  • Bashiru Koroma


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  • aaa

    She has pretty big tits for a

  • manguaco


  • sanji

    face is not that hot, body and boobies though..and I like boobies that faces!!!

  • Crowe

    #2 and #8 OMG

  • Loyal

    I am so proud of my ltltie Hadassah, she is such a good baby and so cute. I love this blog Lisa, now I can always see my ltltie girl and know what is going on in her life. It is going to be so hard not to be with her all the time!! Keep up the good work and remember I love you all. Mom (Nanna)

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, that Loyal up there ^ is fuckin' creepy!!!!

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