Just a short list of the dumbest crap ever made (22 Photos)

  • zaggy

    heyyyy! lay off FarmVille

  • Aficion

    Ummm…. how can you list Handerpants as dumb crap? Best invention EVER. 🙂

  • shogun

    #7 is a $40 million a year company now and it was on Real Sports With Brian Gumbel tonight. they are a running shoe that come highly recommended in the running community and if any of you are runners you should all check them out ..

  • rwhite2366

    I actually have a pair of the vibram fivefingers and they are incredibly awesome. Best buy ever

  • Bud Ugly

    Actually, the QuikPod camera holder/picture taker seems cool, unless they were stupid and didn’t make a way to actually take a picture. It’s pretty useless if it just holds a camera away from you.

    And I’d love to have one of those pizza cutters. Handy!

  • Josiev.

    still have one, still use it. ours actually works.

  • Irwin 109

    Well I rather like Larry The Cable Guy!

  • climb

    I have the vibram five finger shoes. They’re great.

  • ken

    Handerpants are awesome! They make you type the right way so that there is no stress on your joints. Only, those are Jockey Handerpants and I prefer Boxers.

    WTF is “Headon” Deoderant for your brain?

  • Eddie

    The monopod’s pretty cool. Ray William Johnson uses one.

  • Bob

    well, #5 is just some dude measuring electricity from a tomato… so… whats the dumb invention there?

  • A Fan

    #22 Don't mess with my Farmville man…I'll f@$k you up!

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