These photos are totally not shopped (15 photos)

  • Solovian


    • DonkeyBalls

      ARRRRGH Solovian, you win this round, but one battle does not a winner make!

      • DaddyD

        Actually, most Chivers would quickly agree that you are both losers.

        • LOL

          Losers with small dicks and no real lives…:P

          1 & 9 are awesome…laser eye baby & kitty…very cute…and ninja turtle dude…YIKES!

          • RubberDogTurds

            just the kind of men i go for, yeeeeah!

            oh no, wait, that’s my mum 😦

        • You're Welcome

          Actually, I think it’s understood by everyone with an IQ over 5 that the more you acknowledge people who want attention, the more they’ll keep doing the very thing that you find so annoying. The nonsense should be over after the first post, and yet it seems to carry on for 10.

  • greenerblues

    #3 actually made himself look that way by way of injections

    • greenerblues


  • snoozerpoo

    4 is not shopped, they inject a substance into their muscles that gives this appearance. So very sad.

  • Ben Rapistburger

    #15 was shopped, they removed George W. Bush from the pic.

    • Viking

      Hahaha! Jolly good, Old Bean! You beat me to it!:D

  • flav

    bush is missing from #15 …

  • LiaMMV

    I’m not sure #12 is shopped. There’s a video of it on youtube.

    • jared

      yeah, it’s actually real.

  • CunningLinguist

    what? they have brown people?!? bomb them! <~~the late, great george carlin.

  • matt

    TO: Those that ask why #15 doesnt have George W Bush?
    FROM: Me….grow up retards

    • Nato2101

      Yeah seriously you guys, you should read up before posting. Bush does not belong in that group, all of those guys might be “evil” but at least they were intelligent ;-P

  • que bolaaaa

    You’d almost think the actual Rumer WIllis was the ‘shopped one… That girl has got too much going on in the jaw/chin area… It almost doesn’t look normal.

    • Sarah

      Ugh, #13. Rumor is terribly ugly.

  • NTFW

    LOL@N64 🙂 awesome!

  • Dru

    Last one’s hilarious

  • FartFace

    mmmmm! #2 is SEXY.. also, i threw up in my mouth just then.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Hey, Rumer, why the long …*Bruce Willis runs me over in flying taxi*

  • Uncle Fumbles

    Dude, pengwolf is surprisingly scary.

  • tyrese clinkscale

    Yo #15 need Bush’s face in dat muffukka

  • Dom

    Bush is there, he’s taking the picture.

  • cristian

    could not notice that the last photo is missing Bush

  • Equalizer

    Next time used Photoshop in that Koala not mspaint

  • peteyroberto

    actually dexter jackson does not use synthol he uses steroids so yes to injections no to synthol markus ruhl uses synthol

  • yeeeeerrp

    My bowels are irregular. What should I do?

    • Osborl12

      Ask someone qualified to answer your question.

    • jeff in Australia

      Read more of these comments.

    • HellHathNoFury

      You’re lucky. 99% of Chive users are afflicted with irregular vowels instead. it’s a sad, sad curse.

  • C-Dawg

    Which one is the real person in #13?

    • Luthor

      The one in the middle

  • Marsatas

    The 3’rd one isin’t shopped.

  • scooter

    I’m sure I’ve seen #15 before. Yes I have. On Fox News.
    This is the reason we need to attack Iran!
    I mean that nice Glenn Beck wouldn’t lie or blow things out of proportion!

    • poppajo8

      Oh Yeah, cos MSNBC, Ed Schultz or Keith Olbermann would never distort the facts….never. You bunch of bleeding hearts need to get over the past and pay attention to the present and future. We have a President and staff who can’t even read.

  • Anonymous

    The third picture is actually not shopped. That’s what silicone injections look like when applied to arms. Make a fun click-y sound when the muscle moves too.

  • RGH

    Skeletor keeps some interesting company.

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