Behind the scenes of a bikini model shoot (40 Photos)

It's good to be a model, especially these Russian (and 2 American) beauties. This sexy group got paid to go to some exotic place in bikinis. Once the morning shoot was over, they hopped on their yacht and partied like rockstars. Then those photos were sent to us. I don't know if there's a lesson to be learned here but I'm pretty sure goes something like - if you're looking to douse models in champagne, it helps to own a yacht.

  • Fapper John

    Doesn’t look like they know how to model very well.

    • Paul rudd

      are you kidding, dude? There are about 40 photos up yonder that would like to disagree with you

      ——> Will Ferrell

  • tom

    40 photos of win

  • Equalizer

    Another Russian Story from thechive

  • McBeastie

    I wonder what “I’m On A Boat” sounds like in Russian. If only there were sound to accompany these pics.

    • Pavlodarswede

      Я на корабле! (Ya na ka-rab-le)


    you lucky bastards

  • Anonymous

    15 gag.

  • aosux

    I think I would take the boat to get hotter chicks than these hookers

  • tommybhoy

    Pic #33….now time for some day dreaming!

  • zym

    I need to become a Russion billionaire. Those guys seem to have it all figured out.

    Random comedian.

  • 123roasthim

    most of these are fairly unattractive, how did they become models?

    • tommybhoy

      Because they are very thin…..and suck alot of cock( in my mind that is)

  • Josh

    looks like #4 has got some bikini line bumps going on! quick, to the photoshop!

  • Anonymous

    Is the name of the boat “BUTTERFACE”???

    • Albert Einstein


  • Boooger

    I’m not saying they are unatractive. They are hot, but kinda weak for paid profesional bikini models. You see a hundred chicks way hotter then those on any Saturday night downtown.

  • Mattythegooch

    I’ll sip cognac out of those A cups anyday!!

  • top dog

    They look good, The one on the right in #33 is damn near exposed, that bikini is all up in that thing. For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

  • jimmyflash

    The drawings of the Disney princesses are hotter

  • NTFW

    if I had a yaht.. i’d get hotter girls.

    • mark

      if you had a yaht, you’d be one ‘c’ short of having a pretty cool boat there, buddy

  • Lars

    a little tip for all the haters. – If you had a yacht and those girls were on it, you’d feel like the king of the world. i’d go as far as to say it would be the best day of your life. but it’s the internet so you get so say ‘i could do better’ and be totally right in your own warped minds.

    • 123roasthim

      How about you take a second and go down the list of comments and point out which commenter said they could do better. I counted 1. I didn’t realize saying they were not very attractive for models was code for “I wouldn’t fuck them if I got the chance.” I think you might be a little insecure about yourself.

  • parsons

    i don’t think these girls are 10’s by any means. but i’d take it. oh yes, I’d take it in a fucking second.

  • dawson1488

    Is it legal for a fat middle aged man to roofie and intoxicate a bunch of high school chicks and take them on a yacht for a “photo shoot” in Russia? I’m so moving!!!

  • Jones

    #28 Why is she licking a rope?

  • B-cuz

    I had no idea HHNF was a Russian!!

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’m not a-Russian to look like any of these girls, that’s for sure.
      The black girl has a pretty face, though.

  • goposaur

    Bone is for dog. Meat is for man. 2 skinny to absorb any real damage.

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  • zipperz

    The ’emaciated 14-year old’ look doesn’t do anything for me…

    • HellHathNoFury

      It’s one thing to be thin and in shape, another to look as if you’ve sold your body for a hit off a crack pipe, like these girls.

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