• aosux

    Gunna leave me hangin fag? I have a gun!

  • thmccarthy79

    There will be no peeing in this pool!

  • Anonmouse

    The community pool used to be so much more fun under the Saddam regime…with their fun events like – “Let’s see how long he can hold his breath while being held underwater” contest and the “Who knows if the pool has electric current going through it” day.

  • Anonymous

    Next person caught running by the pool gets two in the chest and one in the head!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite…very funny!

  • Anonymous

    the new zero tolerance policy for horseplay in the pool is getting a little out of hand

  • Anonymous

    The Iraqi Navy blows

  • Anonymous

    STOP…………..hammer time.

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    “Hey Sarge, what’s the legal age of consent in this God-forsaken country!?”
    “Hey Sarge, what time is Oprah on?”
    “Hey Sarge, solve for x in this equation: 2×2+3x+1=0, x2+x=2x+3, (x+2)(x+3)…”

  • viraldacay

    I command your tube be pink! Now run little girl

  • JackZilch

    A demonstration of the awesome power of the Somali navy.

  • rwhite2366

    “Mission Accomplished”

  • sockpuppet

    5 minutes ’til adult swim

  • Anonymous

    Worst summer job EVER!

  • Vonshine

    Yeah yeah mom, I will put my floaties on… Gosh, no need to freak out.

  • Joey S

    “Stop right there!!, I am going to need everybody to show me papers, this is Arizona and you are suspiciously Brown”

  • sdrawkcabsihtdaer

    Operation Party ova hea!

  • creepsareforkeeps

    Does my hand look fat in this?

  • bhuman

    5 minutes until adult only swim

  • Heisenberg

    Guy jumping into pool: “CanonBall!”
    Soldier: “Tango spotted at 3 o’clock, waiting for permission to engage. Over.”

  • Mustache

    High Five? No?
    No Takers?
    Fucking kids these days…

  • Matt

    You will enjoy you’re freedom or else

  • Wilt Stilts


  • madLyfe

    STOP! Little bastards dont know they cant swim yet.. Damn public school systems…

  • apjakub

    Talk to the hand because the face ain’t listenin no more!

  • BigHeadEd


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