Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

    #28: Never thought I would say this about Tom Cruise, but he makes Kelly McGillis look like shit.

    • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

      but he’ll never make anyone look short

    • DaddyD

      Kelly would look much better if she didn’t cut her hair so short. I will never understand why older women decide they look better with a man’s coif.

      • 9374TmX88

        Don’t you enjoy being able to get out the shower, towel dry your hair and GO!!?? Older women cut their hair short because they are tired of spending 15, 20, 30+ minutes on their hair to make ‘men’ like you happy. Have you, as a man, ever had long hair that you have to dry, roll, style, curl, spray, color, fluff up, etc. ?? You have no clue because you still have the same hair style & hair cut your Momma gave you when you were 4 yrs old. Until you have walked in someones shoes, don’t complain about what YOU want to see on them.

        • Ex-goth

          Actually, I used to spend at LEAST an hour on my hair every morning. I am a guy. I am not gay. I was a goth. Not anymore. And no, my mother certainly did not give me that hairstyle!

  • Augustine

    #21 Is Lucy Pinder

    and #24 is Maureen Chen

    You're welcome. 😉

    • The Superginge

      I know Lucy Pinder!
      I know… Lucky me.

  • Mark

    Wow, 21, 24, 29. Nom nom nom

    • creepsareforkeeps

      21 and 24 should tag team 29. Good versus damn good!

  • dohrin rhine

    i am in awe… wow

  • aosux



    thank you Ben for #21

    • aosux

      Yes Ben, thank you!

      • sfmountainbiker

        I submitted #21 on monday (along with many many such other pics), and it didn’t make the cut. What gives?

  • Furthy

    #24 is spectacular. I think I saw a whole gallery of her somewhere recently….

    • nomad78

      come on bro you ‘ve got to remember

  • Hoopty Power

    Isn’t #21 Tim Tebow’s girlfriend?

    • B-cuz

      I believe that is Lucy Pinder. She looks very much like the girl in the Tebow pic.
      If that is Tebows girlfriend I hate him even more.

    • CJ

      Also pretty sure 21 is Tebow’s girlfriend. I struggle to believe he is leaving that to waste…

      • chiver

        It’s Lucy Pinder. Google her, wont be disappoint

        • CoffeeAnyone

          Ah, Lucy. A fine Hampshire girl.

      • MichaelGS

        unless Tebow has suddenly packed it in and become a teacher I doubt that’s his girlfriend, the last I heard she was still dating her highschool sweetheart who is a teacher. i only pay attention because she is one of the few glamour models here in the UK who isnt dating a footballer (soccer) for his money. she is damn hot though. nice person too, met her in telford once

    • Fistfullofh8&change

      Tim Tebow sucks! that is all.

  • Joe Clyde

    good gugga munga #21

    • isawoj

      Is that you Professor Block?

  • Comment#1

    Ben for President (Steve for Vice President).

  • wyatt22

    #29 is awesome!

  • rip1ey

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Tramps… my fav

  • Belisario

    # 21 Holy hell ! look at those bazongas !!! good man, Ben !

  • SBB

    number 4: I think they would wear smaller panties. just saying.

  • LOL

    #22 I want to run through there super fast and snag that little ladder…yeah I can be a special kind of stupid some times…
    #26 The person who sent it in…are they a janitor in a high school somewhere? 🙂
    “Learn to speak European” cracked me up.
    Hopefully he won’t wear the helmet with his mohawk.

    #27 Ninja cat will have his day. 😛

    #28 didn’t Kelly McGillis tell folks she’s a lesbian a few months ago?

  • Jk

    Who is in #17?

    • thewildgolbarg

      Their names are Igor and Grichka Bogdanov.

    • Equalizer

      Those are the result of cloning the Joker… Batman watch out!

  • ken

    #1: The benefits of building a house on a hill is that not only can you mistakenly think that you put the car in reverse and drive through the garage wall, but you can plunge down a story and total your truck as well!

    #2 Translating the smoke signal: “I am burning my cheeseburgers.”

    #s 4, 18, 21, 24: Hummina-hummina-hummina

    #9: Bookshelf win, Tim Burton style.

    #28: “Take My Breath Away” [rimshot]

    #16 & 27 = LOL

    #17= photos of those two never fail to creep me out.

  • http://powersticks.wordpress.com powersticks

    Anyone else notice the air conditioners almost look like a swastika? You gotta squint for it to look like it though.

    • ramrod the destroyer

      i somewhat noticed the swastika as well….

      anyone notice that the guy in #2 is wearing crocks (crocs, crox, croks, sp?)? despite a sweet smoke signal, opinion of him drops for those shoes.

  • Amurika

    #6 is trying to get his Darwin Award.

  • Snowman

    #17 Please, someone shoot them. Their über plastic-FAIL scares away the aliens.

    • norm

      Wait, those are real guys? I thought that pic was one of those replace-the-face Photoshop thingys….

  • flenin

    YES more meat does make you cooler, nice work

  • Anonymous

    seriously u guys, yeah 21,24, and especially 29 are smooooookin hot!! but why is no one commenting on #12! i mean, wtf is that?! ahhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    seriously?! agreed, those women are hotttt!!! especially the tmnt girls! whoa! but why is no one wondering wwwwttttttffff is going on in # 12!! i mean, wtf is that?!……

    • ken

      Re: #12… part Abominable Snowman, part sheep. “Abominable Shopped Sheepman.”

      Oh and, the obvious caption for #14 is “Swallow.” Ya know, because the birds are swallows and the baby is swallowing…never mind.

    • iamfwomwome

      #12 is a mermaid, no? Half woman – half fish

      sailors always describe them the other way around so as not to freak out the land lubbers

  • JK

    28 is crazy!

  • messyafro86

    In 29, I’m gonna squint so it looks like “don’s” hand is in “leo’s” pants.

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