Gold To Go…finally. Meet the world’s first gold ATM (6 photos)

Created by German entrepreneur Thomas Giessler, this new take on the ATM is pretty lavishly luxurious.

Placed in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi this Gold To Go ATM dispenses actual gold in the form of coins or bars up to 10 grams. Updated every ten minutes with the current gold conversion rates, this ultimate luxury ATM is everything you could ever ask for.

The ATM itself it made out of gold, which will more than likely make this ATM the most expensive in the world.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    How … When … Who actually thinks this is a good idea?

    • Kingpin

      To all the misinformed people wanting “greenbacks” instead of actual gold, the dollar is worth shit today. Over the past 10-15 years, the price of gold TRIPLED. This is due to the instability of the economy, especially of the U.S. and the Federal Reserve. Gold has been and always will be the universal currency. Our money is being printed out by PRIVATE BANKS that charge interest to our government. There is nothing “Federal” about the Federal Reserve. It is just a group of PRIVATE OWNED BANKS. If this machine was around here in the U.S. I would purchase gold coins every chance I get. You should do the same.

      • stafferty

        Gold is worth virtually nothing! Gold as a safety hedge is the biggest bit of finacial “snake oil” in recent history. If the Us dollar collapses, people will move into Euros, the Euro collapses, people will use the Chinese Yuan, the Canadian Dollar, the Aussie dollar, etc.

        Gold as a commodity is over-rated as well as a commodity. People look at it as a safety play when in actuallity 63% of gold is used in jewelry, 20% is used as currency investment (which is tied to another currency in coin form, so the inflation risk is there anyway) and only 17% of gold is used for idustrial/ medical purposes (being researched and used for treatment for Arthritis somehow).

        Gold isn’t even the best metal to be involved it. Silver is a better conductor of electricity in its pure chemical form and copper is used in the event of a housing recovery. Gold would only grow on fundementals in the event of a massive uprise in consumer discretionary spending.

        To say that in the event of total economic collapse gold is going to be worthless. If there is some apocalypitci event where all govenrment tied paper money is completely worthless, I would rather be paid in chickens and goats than in Gold.

  • jrandell1027

    people dont have water in some countries …..but were able to make a atm out of gold ? smh

  • Crystal

    You’d think that for the sheer amount of money poured into developing this they could have settled on a less ugly design…?

  • NTFW

    I’ll stick to my greenbacks … thanks!

  • Robi5150

    This is a prime example of why we need to supply our own oil and stop sending boatloads of cash to the middle east!

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    wonder what the service fee is?

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

  • garp

    …redonkulous, I hope someone steals it….in fact that is exactyl what I am going to do, guilt-free….anyone with me?

    • EriktheRed

      I’m in

      • Tyler


  • Blip

    Glad my petrodollars are being put to good use.

    • Anonymous

      Pfft. Germans. Figures!

  • pookie

    I hate people more and more each day

  • Equalizer

    So there where all my gas expenses go..

  • CoffeeAnyone

    Fact: The Emirates is rated 69th in the UN Quality of Life table, between Libya and Estonia.

    Make of that what you will.

  • EriktheRed

    Well, I now have 6 pics to show every idiot who shouts “Drill baby Drill” at me.

    And why aren’t the Taliban and such going after these governments? Are they not also capitalist pigs? Sure as hell looks like it.

    • CMG

      The Taliban are, you just don’t hear much about those attacks in the news.

      • CMG

        oops,. actually make that Al-Qaeda

        • Anonymous

          Al Qaeda wants the infidel out of the holy land and the Arabs to keep their money. That’s why binladin’s daddy built the hotel that this ATM is in.
          Screw’em all wind solar and bio fuels for me please!

  • Pirate

    Fuck the United Arab Emirates.

  • Uncle Fumbles

    Is that a bar of gold in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • aosux

    I want 1, for all that is capitalistic and unholy. Its better than a McDonalds in your house

  • omg

    just shows how unfairly priced gold can get

  • dt520

    Imagine if this vending machine jacked you and didn’t dispense its gold… all you could do is punch it and its solid gold shell.

  • Anonymous

    Greenbacks are worthless thanks to maobama.Gold has never been worthless.

    • stafferty

      Gold itself has a huge infaltionary risk. Gold does not rust or decay so virtually every ounce of gold ever mined is still around. In addition we continue to mine gold at an escalated rate. So gold will be the ultimate inflation bubble to burst in the next two-three years as soon as people realize the fundementals of gold are completely shot.

      Gold is a commodity that truely has NOTHING to do with Dollar/Euro and inflation risk. Gold is used to make jewelry. If you want something shiny, buy gold, if you want inflastion protection, buy TIPS bonds.

  • doo dah doo doo

    fucking terrorists


    This is the saddest shit I’ve ever seen, when will such non-sense end? Oh will never end because more and more assholes are born everyday that think this crap is what life is all about, WAKE UP PEOPLE what is gold going to do for you when you are dead? Notttttt muucchh. I also hate people more and more every day.

  • acacia32

    i think its pretty insane… I actually saw this thing in person… dont mind the GOLD atm you should see the Palace that thing is in…. this really has nothing to do with “oil” money… UAE is just a place where rich people like to come and fuck around in… they treat people with money like how they should be treated…like kings…and for the idiots who are complaining about oil and how it made the arabs wealthy…well no one forced you to use it… and to be fair…. the cost of a gallon is only really about 1.60 … the rest is taxes…so when gas was ummm 4.00 + who was it going to…? Israel… blame them

  • UAEamirates

    fucking idiots Americans.
    if this ATM was in las vegas where people lose millions every day no one will talk shit. but wait it’s United Arab Emirates how can they have a gold ATM and we don’t ?!

    United Arab Emirates government is the 11th donor in the world so what is wrong with having a gold ATM in 7 star hotel ? and if you look at the gold in the 6th pic you can see how small is this gold and only useful to be as a gift like any normal gift.

    and for these who call us terrorists I want to remind them when Katrina hit US we support you with 450 million dollar and it’s not the first or last help from us to the rest of the world.

    UAE is better and bigger what your small minds think.

    • stafferty

      I don’t want a Gold ATM here! Gold is a bubble that is going to burst and it will be worthless soon. and that small peice of gold you consider to be a normal gift is worth about USD $1245, which is more expensive than my first car.

      This makes just as less sense than having a Euro ATM in Australia. People think gold is a currency, which it isn’t. It is a commodity that makes shiny things.

      (I do agree that we are ignorant Americans though, Dubai isn’t a vacation spot of us like it is in Europe, and we had 8 years of Bush propaganda proclaiming that almost everybody with a Ko’ran is the enemy. Plus, most of us Americans don’t realize that we get the majority of our oil from Canada and South America, and not from the middle east. )

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