Her name is Doda…that is all (25 Photos)

Doda Elektroda is a Polish musical artist. I’m convinced, she has got what it takes to be my girlfriend.

  • ChrisDG74

    I am in love. THAT is all.

    • Harry

      She barely made the cut between porn and main stream fame.

  • mirou

    I don’t find her so sexy, I don’t know why, you posted some unknown girls more sexy,

  • Evan

    Yeah, great boob-job indeed.

    • Jon without the h

      WHO CARES?!?!?!

  • Mac

    Nice legs…mmmm

  • Mustafa_Beer

    The Polish Brittany?

  • top dog

    Yeah, she got what it take’s to be mine too, lips, tits legs and ass, not to mention that other thing.

    • Anonymous

      @top dog…. penis???

      • top dog

        Aw no, the other “P” word. If I run across a woman that fine with a penis, I’am running like hell.

  • akurat.org

    Her real name is Dorota Rabczewska.
    her nickname is Doda

  • sensijoe

    just found out about her yesterday….she may be spending the next 3 years in jail because she said something to the effect of ‘the bible was written by drunkards and people smoking herbal cigarettes’ thats a paraphrase, search it for more info. its a shame the world we are living in. what happned to freedom of speech? i do not understand how it can be ALRIGHT for a person to spend +/- 3 years of their life behind bars because of harmless words….i think we forget that the only power words have over us is the power we choose to give them….dam shame

    • eddie

      yep, there is some paragraph in polish law which allows “witch burning” when misinterpreted, but i can’t see reasons why prosecution is so dull to press charges, churches have no copy rights of any kind to “Word”, it’s my right to interpret it the way I want, as i have my own brain. Bless.

  • mirou

    we shouldn’t say anything because of freedom, we must respect others even if we don’t agree with them, it’s their holy thing, bible, qaran, booda, god, …peoples are ready for anything to protect what they believe, why don’t just let them in peace? they didn’t assault us

  • sensijoe

    i agree – however, jail time? please. perhaps she needs a PR class but commmoooonnn

  • Aske

    She’s Nergals (Behemoth) bride 🙂

  • zym

    Alright, caged heat! (Don’t judge me.)

    #14. Daddy like.

  • Your Local Priest

    Is the a famous prostitute?

  • jrandell

    #9 looks like shes in court with handcuffs on ….. or some sort of weird public sexual situation…in my mind thats what it is

  • Dave

    Quite the collection of trashy clothes. I think everyone would like a ride on that once or more, but I can’t see marrying her.

    Herve Villechaize———————->
    Damn! wrong again.

  • NTFW

    fake boobs will take you anywhere I swear….. fml

  • flenin

    i dont know exactly why but i really expected that to end with: “and here’s what HE used to look like…”

  • jason

    Yeah not a fan………

  • dariosycco

    Nergal bangs this one. \m/

  • x

    she’s as a drum – empty for banging

  • qwertz

    She’s Mensa member. 😛

  • Juan

    Is it me or did her forearm tattoo switch in pictures 17 & 18?

  • garp

    …one more brainless bimbo for the pile, seriously can the planet be that fucked up that THIS sorry excuse for an entertainer is put up on a pedestal by some?

  • Equalizer

    Doda meet my Dido

  • Phideauxe

    I bet she’s a total bitch in real life. The kind of chick who buys some strap-ons, hangs them out there, then gets pissed at you if you look at them.

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