Her name is Doda…that is all (25 Photos)

Doda Elektroda is a Polish musical artist. I’m convinced, she has got what it takes to be my girlfriend.

  • Phideauxe

    “In May 2010, the Warsaw prosecutor’s office charged Doda with the crime of “offending religious sensibilities” for remarking in a year-ago television interview that she believed more in dinosaurs than she did in the Bible because “it is hard to believe in something written by people who drank too much wine and smoked herbal cigarettes.” If convicted, she faces up to two years in prison under Poland’s blasphemy laws.”

    How may Polacks does it take to lock up a bimbo?

    • 97683265t

      How about not insulting someone first? Poland is no Iran. It’s just that if you choose to do harm to others and these particular others feel hurt, assaulted or insulted (etc.) they will have the right to seek damages. Freedom of speech is fine as long as you control yourself and don’t go crazy on others because you just feel like it. Freedom is not doing whatever you want. Grow up. BTW, it’s funny how many ppl feel it’s trendy to just laugh at religious beliefs of others.

  • D

    What a filthy whore!…….I’m in love.

  • aosux

    Freedom of speech is not worldwide.

  • Uncle Fumbles

    Looks chilly in #5. Except for the tat she is pretty hot.

  • nube

    she dresses up great but her slut side is terrible looking.

  • why

    I have absolutely no attraction to her at all. she is too thick with gross falsies. Why are you posting this?

  • radiodial

    Pffftt… Jessica Simpson wannabe. Here today, gone tomorrow….

  • doo dah doo doo


  • Grey

    Sooo….who is she, and why should I care ?

  • apjakub

    I would have mistaken her for that whore I picked up on the corner the other night.

  • Bixia

    She is a stupid silicon blonde who is arrogant and her “music” is listened only by Polish red necks. Her only success is just being arrogant and sleeping with guys who made her who she is now. Kind of slut, but just worse as she speaks like red neck. honestly, she is horrible…

  • tomatso

    plastic and generic. don’t rate at all….

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  • upkadupka

    She has high IQ but poses to be vulgar slut.
    She has good voice but sings very poorly.
    She has tons of money but looks cheap.
    She is a woman who poses to be girlie.
    She is educated in music but sings for rednecks.

    That’s pitty Doda wants to be someone else.
    Real Dorota could be a star.


  • Anonymous

    Not fun

  • sdosid

    .. and it’s enough.

  • aretse

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  • Teehee

    she looks easier than 3rd grade math

  • toh12

    #23 i'd pick her up if she stood at my street corner 😛

  • Always Last


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