People’s reactions to scare tactic are priceless (Video)

WARNING: If you don’t like screaming and an occasional kid crying, this video is NOT for you. For everyone else, you’re welcome.

  • Pufffdragon

    Parent of the year award goes to none of these Tards. Some funny shit in there though besides the obvious.

  • Sheng

    Great way to prevent kids from entering the internet. Internet is full of trolls, and scary faces hiding behind your tic tac toe game.

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  • Chick

    The kid at 3:08 looks like a mini-Obama.

  • wally

    asshole parents ftw.

  • hahahahaahaha

    i like the kid who wasn’t affected at all.

    also the dog

  • Anonymous

    what kind of idiot scares little kids???

  • dave

    I did a poop. too funny.

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  • Joeyk

    I was expecting for it to scare us at the end…oh well

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    how do you photoshop a video ????

  • Dustyb

    Yeah guys… that pit bull @ 1 minute in look like a really killer huh?

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  • wtf

    Thats funny but there are some small children in those. Thats called trauma. Not comedy.

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  • Joe

    Seriously, how irresponsable and retarded thoses parents are?
    The kids will eventually grow with traumas, those are things they aren't supposed to live.


    wow…. uhhh…CHIVERS??? Are you there!? Reading through comments, I thought i was listening to a bunch of over-protective, nurse em till their 10, mommies. I mean seriously, none of these children are damaged or emotionally scarred for life… Get real. AND, If you cant teach your child the difference between pretend and reality at ANY Age then YOU and your children shouldn't be wasting everyone else's oxygen.

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