This hotel is made of stacked houses (6 Photos)

Yes, believe it or not this Netherlands based hotel known as the Inntel Hotel is made of real houses that were stacked on top of one another. The houses are sealed together making up the 11 story building with 160 rooms.

  • LOL

    I want to see inside pics. And I want to see the process of stacking. Cool idea but I think they build the outside to look like stacked houses…I don’t think they really are stacked. Hmmm.

  • Huh

    That cant be real…

  • B


  • ron

    I call bullshit. No way a normal “roof” can serve as the foundation for another house.

    It is designed to look that way, but structurally… no way. Any fool should be able to figure out that you couldn’t just “stack” a bunch of houses on each other.

  • top dog

    I wonder how safe is it, I mean, how do you get a permit to do that and allow people to rent rooms in it? Great novelty Item tho, I don’t know if I would rent a room there.

  • Bob Loblaw

    It’s like real life Monopoly.

  • Bojangles

    What an eye sore.

  • Equalizer

    They demolished the surrounding houses and used it to build their hotel, very economical indeed…

  • mattbklyn

    What are the odds that all the windows would line up so perfectly?

  • Uncle Fumbles

    pot+architecture=stack house hotel

  • aosux

    uh, ok. Looks like shit.

  • nomad78


  • robin yates

    these are shipping containers which can be made into great houses when imagination is used plus cutting gear and welding machines !


      Your mom looks pretty hot after imagination, cutting gear, and welding machines too.

      OHHHH BURN! Sorry.

  • doo dah doo doo

    david after dentist: is this real life???

  • apjakub

    Well anyone who knows about structures and architecture knows that the framing of a normal built house cannot take the weight of 5 houses stacked on top of it…so it is all bullshit…not only that but I was convinced more and more after looking at all of the pictures that this is a model..maybe even 3D rendering

    • ArieBombarie

      This is real alright… it’s being build in the dutch town of Zaandam. The ‘houses’ are typical houses for that region, so in the old town-centre you would find these kind of houses. This hotel isn’t build by stacking actual houses, it’s being build as a modern hotel with the apearence of these old houses.
      I kinda like it, it’s better then most hotels…

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  • Kisashe

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