World’s fastest Jet Car hits 1000 MPH (10 Photos)

  • Name

    I’m surprised how nobody is first yet..
    oh wait I am! FIRST!

  • Brad

    I wish they’d stop doing concept and boasting, and just go out and set a goddamn record already.

  • Alan

    World’s fastest butt plug

  • Jason

    How can they claim 1000 MPH, this thing is fake and not even real.

    • Pancho

      You really are a clever bugger aren't you? I never knew that fake things weren't even real :O

  • aosux

    Why hasn’t anybody told them It’s still 2010

  • Mattythegooch

    We landed on the Moon!!!!

  • Equalizer


  • Spiderpig615

    I bet the drivers balls went back into his ass when this thing took off.

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    denenene nen ne ne ne nene ne na gay man!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg

      Seriously? That’s all you have to contribute? That doesn’t even make sense!

  • Daz

    The Aussies will smash 1000mp/h before these clowns even build a car.

  • apjakub

    Can’t we focus on discovering something more than old technology….who gives a shit how fast this goes? Oh yeah I almost forgot…its all about justifying “rocket size”.

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  • Pancho

    Right, so now you've reached a 1000 mph, try to steer the thing… Won't these guys ever learn anything? Power is useless unless you can actually use it.

    Oh and if they'd spend that money on developing some new propulsion system, which isn't so damned fuel inefficient, maybe we'd actually make it to mars or something and you know, do important stuff…

  • jeffroe

    Your headline = fail. You make it sound as if this has already happened. I'd be astonished if they can increase the LSR by nearly 50% considering no one has ever had anywhere near that large an increase over the previous record.

    • Anonynomnom

      Your brain = fail. Where do you get "increase the LSR by nearly 50%"? 1000-763.035=236.965 increase. 236.965/763.035=31.05% increase. No one said it already happened. Read the headline, "hits 1000 MPH".


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