• Anonmouse

    Dave knew that having a huge magnet in the back of the van was a huge mistake the moment he drove past the bike store.

  • Hotdog Neck

    Looks like Powder got his driver’s license.

    • Vonshine

      LMAO! I snorted laughing that hard! Powder FTW!!!

  • Anonmouse

    Bikes – “That van is near our nest! Protect the Queen! ATTACK!”

  • bowhuntpa


  • Zellmerfudd

    Screw candy! “Hey little boy…want to buy a bike?? Step into my office….”

  • ECK

    My van always wanted to be one of the Jackson kids

  • 13 year old humor

    Not available in stores, it’s the all new Chia-Van!

  • smellbullshit

    It was either this or racing stripes.

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    I like to ride my bicycle … i like to ride my bike

  • aosux

    Swap meet, here we come!

  • FlamingBagOfCrap

    When all of his 33 children asked for the same thing for Christmas, Pedro thought it might be time for a vasectomy.

    • garp

      ….’flamingbagofcrap’, lol

  • FlamingBagOfCrap

    or… If they had stayed together another 15 years, Jon & Kate + 38 take a trip to the park.

  • DrRockso

    This is what happens when you reverse without looking in France

  • djanellax

    Lance Armstrong not only races bikes – he is your friendly neighborhood bike collector as well.

  • bbamp


  • Joe

    never cut off magneto

  • Pufffdragon

    Due to this van driving the wrong way, we are sorry to say this years Tour De France has been cancelled.

  • zym

    One man, one van, one end to another stupid bike flash mob. You’re welcome.


    This years tour de bordere was cancelled due to this Arizona politician.

  • FartFace

    Rather than carving notches in the wood paneling, Delbert thought it would make more of a statement if he strapped his victim’s bikes directly to his conversion van/murder mobile.

  • aphthakid

    The wild pedovan applies camoflage to its exterior thus slipping unnoticed into a school parking lot to seek its prey.

  • Brad

    If the Mexicans ever ran out of gas at least they can all bike to work…

  • myragehush

    Isn’t this a bit too similar to’s Craption Contest? I know theCHIVE and Cracked are, for a lack of a better term, internet buddies, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is some sort of ripoff.

  • Slayer_731

    How stupid of me. I remember where I put my bike now. On the roof of the van with the rest of them.

  • sayw00t

    this just in…finally after years of investigation nypd has found the ” n***** ” that stole all of our bikes…turns out it was a white family in a van carrying the worlds largest magnet…let’s move on with the weather forecast

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