• john c.

    bike magnet!? i thought you said dyke magnet?!

  • mattywestside

    Just don’t drive in to Compton

  • PoundOfSound

    This week on The A-Team….

    “I pity the foo’ with a low sperm count and/or testicular cancer! We gotta save ’em from them BIKES!”

  • Saturnbluesl2

    They said the race was around here somewhere…………

  • rgavrillo

    “This Just In — Flandis accusations leading to massive equipment confiscations”

  • hubba hubba bubba

    Genie are you deaf ! ” I said babe magnet not bike magnet ” .

  • hubba hubba bubba

    President Obama rolled out his bike reform plan this morning.

  • hubba hubba bubba

    van = 115 bike riders = 0

  • James

    “I keep my bikes in a VAN DOWN BY RIVER”

  • floscar


  • Hero's Comeback

    The 19 kids and counting parents 20 years from now talking all their grand children for a bike ride.

  • apjakub

    This mother fucker stole my bike last weekend, Rott in hell bicycle thief & I hope you flip over the handle bars!

  • bgfkndl

    the wheels on the van go round and round…

  • HellHathNoFury


  • TMBG

    I would caption this, but I would get in trouble

  • Anonymous

    obama says no child will bike home today!!1

  • shickbritter

    AFROVAN Jheri curls FTW!

  • treeeleaf

    pres. obama new endorsement,, no child will have to bike home today

  • myragehush

    The new Apple iVan, with hundreds of downloadable BikeApps from the AppStore.

  • Camo

    One bike per child.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t carry magnets kids…just don’t

  • Anonymous

    Jose is proud to be the very first Repo Man in Mexico.


    Cyclists are road users as well…. NOT!

  • Jen

    Old Lady to driver, “OK, now that we’ve got the bikes, let’s swing by the shoe and get my kids”

  • "THAT" guy

    person on bike 500 points

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