• Michael Hesselbein

    And the winner of the 285th annual tour de france is……

  • SweetEyeBrows

    The Tour de France is so much easier when you can take the van.

  • Anonymous

    transportation for all those illegals!

  • Tim

    Come on kids. I’m giving away bikes, not candy. It’s alright.

  • FortiesLab

    nigga stole my bikes, since 1960

  • DougM

    Van brakes are wayyy better than bike brakes.

  • Openmic

    One day in Vietnam… should have had insurance.

  • sunsetgrill

    Your bike was stolen? Sorry, haven't seen it.

  • Psikopat

    Best camouflage ever!! I didn't even noticed that naked girl!!

  • Comedian Dangerruss

    No Larry I told ya! Just take the bikes out of the truck, throw em over the wall and I'll load em up!

  • Dave Purdy


  • Brad

    I’m gonna bring her a bike….. Bitches love bikes

  • Anonymous

    because the 18 wheeler laughed / ha i have 7 thousand million bazillion wheels I can take the loads

  • hollaboi

    if the cops ask we dont know anything about a bike

  • joe m.

    in case of a rollover

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Billy bob

    Meanwhile in Magneto's new lair…

  • atoyotatoyota

    Still better than a Prius

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