Hottest Anonymous girls online FOUND: #9 Maria Virginia Alvilez (19 photos)

Last month, theCHIVE posed a challenge to our users to find the identity and provide photos of 10 of the hottest anonymous online girls. View original post HERE. Thanks to you all, theCHIVE is able to reveal the identity of 8 of the 10 girls that we will be showcasing over the next couple weeks. Meet #9 on our list: Maria Virginia Alvilez.

Check out original Top 10 list list here!

  • Zach

    Some ugly girl got breast implants, wow.

    Her face isn’t that great, all she’s got is fake boobs, and a tiny waist. Nothing special

  • robfindlay


  • Pat

    Not sure why all the nasty coments… I think she looks fine! IMO

  • Malachi

    She’s taking so many of these photos herself- what a douche!

  • Anonymous

    is that a mom?!

  • Ryan

    She Looks Smart.

  • Mac

    Michael Jackson face

  • jamessss


  • Libertariandude

    Why all the nasty comments?? I think she’s a looker. I’m guessing Venezuelan.

  • forge

    1) Stop f*cking taking pictures of yourself all day and night, JFC woman

    2) However if you’d let someone take more pictures of your behind, we’d look at those for a while, so thanks in advance.

    Not my kinda girl. Pretty enough but really obviously a very-high-maintenance egomaniac.

  • radiodial

    “stand back, my boobs are loaded and I’m not afraid to use them…”

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  • james

    sorry but she is a butter face

  • 2257

    Nice body. Beat ass face, though. Looks like that creature from that movie a long time ago. Enchanted something. You know the one where that little boy rode on this big ass, hairy white thing with long ears. Yeah, that one. She looks like that.

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  • Bob

    So fake tits and oversized glasses = hot.
    Got it.

  • kitkat63376

    Well, her face is average looking, but the has a nice body and boobs I could look at all day :o)

  • Phil

    another horse face with fake boobs, goodness, where all the real girls gone….

  • B-B-B-Bryan

    She is hot but to many pictures of her taking pictures of her self. She can't find a friend to take one for her? Sad actually

  • BeantownC

    Butter-face, egomaniac, fake tits, whatever. Everyone who posted a comment her would be all over that given the opportunity, and so would I… with a spoon, straw, and a piece of Italian bread.

    So now, Chive, please find her friend. All the way to the left in pic #1 and to the right in #2.

  • Mcfly707

    What's wrong with her face? Shit is fucked up.

  • Always Last


  • Richard Johnson

    I'd cum in her butt.

  • Chad

    To all of who that left such critical comments…. How often do you get laid? I’m betting only when you have to pay cash.

  • Horton

    Butterface! Nuff said.

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