Soldiers have funny bones too (19 photos)

  • Anonymous

    I hate to be a dick about it, but those are Marines in the first picture. just a minor detail, but it means a whole lot to Marines haha

    • FlamingBagOfCrap

      Doesn’t the term “soldier” include all fighting men? I’ve never thought soldier meant just one branch, like the term Warrior or combatant. Or is it that Marines just don’t like to be grouped in with non-Marines? (also not trying to be a dick, just wondering…)

      • Marine

        No, the Army are soldiers, Marines are Marines, Airmen are Air Force and Sailors are Navy.

        • HimAgain

          This really begs an answer to the question Who are the “soldiers of the sea”

          • FormerMarine

            “Soldiers of the Sea”? That’s the Navy. The Marines are the Marines and to be called “Marine”, “Devildog”, etc… except any term used by and for the Navy, Army and Air Force. They have their “slang” terms as well as official terms like (the name of their rank for the Navy, “Soldier” for the Army and “Airman” for the Air Force).
            I love you all to death, and went to put in my time, doing my part, but I have to insist on one thing: If you’re going to show your appreciation, etc., then please get it right. There aren’t really any excuses; look it up and be correct the first time instead of posting something like #1 and likely p*ss*ng off an entire branch of the military.

            I don’t go around messing with other branches, or civilians, and I’d like it if everyone else could show the same amount of respect for each other (if only for this one, tiny thing).


            • FormerMarine

              And, I’m not meaning to imply that I speak for all of the USMC. I don’t think I have met a Marine yet who likes being called “Soldier”. That is why I posted.

              (Does anyone else think that the man on the left of pic #1 looks like Chuck Norris? What the heck is he doing in those cammies? I will hold to this: the only people who deserve to wear any USMC uniform is someone who’s gone through the trouble of earning the right to wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Sorry, Mr. Norris, but you’re not *that* awesome! Love your stuff (mostly jokes featuring you) though!)

              • Grunt

                Chuck Norris was made an “honorary” Marine a few months ago, don’t know if its permanent though

            • Toastercart

              If its so tiny, why make such a big stink about it?

    • MJ81

      As a Swede I use the term soldier to all fighting men in the service.
      A soldier fights wars and he is under the service of a state.

      Marines according to you either don't fight or aren't under the service of a state?

      "I'm not a carpenter… I'm a furniture maker!"
      Same tools, similar job.

      Besides, I've always thought that marines kind of sounds like some kind of a sea-mammal. Like a manatee.

    • Chris

      Yes, those are Marines. Mr. Norris is an Honorary Marine. Yes, there is a difference. Not being a motivated Jarhead or anything, but a soldier is a general term, Marine is a proper noun, hence the capitalization. Yes, our "jobs" are similar, but we prefer to be called Marines. You wouldn't get it unless you are one. Thanks all.

      Sgt E.

  • assmode

    Holy sh*t black people in WW2!

    • Equalizer

      What’s wrong with black people asshole? Are you a racist? Hitler and people like you should be bomb.

      • HellHathNoFury

        I think black people are pretty bomb, Equalizer, don’t you?

        • cavemanlawyer

          I am sure you have plenty of black friends! Black people love us!

      • MJ81

        Way to go, missing the point.

        Find 1 movie or game about WW2 that shows black people.
        I can only think of one, with Cuba Gooding JR.

        America was a real hypocrite treating their black citizens like crap, the black soldiers were only used as manual labor etc. and then going to Europe to fight for freedom.

  • jrandell1027

    was #1 chuck Norris ????

    • Best_served_delicious

      No, it was his doppelganger, Norris Chuck.


      if i were you i might be hiding right now…

    • cc275

      Chuck Norris is a Retired Army Ranger you

    • PainDr

      Where r the soldiers I only see Marines.

  • Tyler

    16: awesome

  • LOL

    #15 just hit me hard. For all the people who do that job, and the families that love them, thank you.

    • LOL

      Who ever thumb downed…kiss my fucking redneck wrapped in red, white & blue star spangled cherry picking apple pie eating 4 wheeler driving 30 0 6 shooting trout fishing was an Army wife ass. If you’re an American, let me know when you’re leaving. I’ll help you pack. Yeah…that’s what we’ll call it…”packing”. 😛

      • k

        if you respect the job so much, why didn’t you sign up?

        • Grindstone

          Congratulations on making the dumbest argument ever.

  • Anonymous

    for the life of me i cant figure out what the guy in 19 is wearing (jaw protection?)

    • 1C451

      It’s an adapter to convert your K-Pot into a helmet safe enough to ride ATV’s and Bikes, and a mic and earpiece. He just added an outstanding touch.

      • Seth

        They also make kevlar face protectors (not sure if this is one). Why, you ask? Let me shoot you in the face and then get back to me on that one…

  • Anonymous



  • aleXTC

    man the monkey in #9 looks like my boss. He has those eyebrows that always seem like he is pissed even when he is not. Creepy

  • Equalizer

    #5 – Your doing it wrong

  • Docsully

    Hoorah @Marine i freaking hate being called a soldier almost as much as it chaffes my hide for a jarhead to call me a squid, ‘course the Hospital Corps are the finest Squids in the sea and the Marine Corps are the best at shooting straight, running fast and kicking ass!

    • FormerMarine


  • Snowman

    #18 just shows how f**ked up the military mentality is. No place for love here, just kill kill kill!!!

    • TiminPhx

      Did one or more of the countless “uncles” your mommy entertained every night come into your room and do bad things to you? I mean you seem so damaged. It’s not your fault that you learned to like that. Well, wait, strike that. It is your fault you went all homo….

    • FormerMarine

      No, you’ve got it all wrong. There’s plenty of room for love, just not a lot of patience when you have a job to do that requires you be on alert practically 24/7 (and I’m *not* referring to war).

      Know this, that no matter how much *love* you think is out there, what we have in this country is special. I’d know, I’ve seen quite a bit of the world (and most of them love us, by the way, and want to be us). There’s always going to be that one guy/country/political power who “didn’t get picked to play on the playground and is now taking it out on everyone they think is at the top”. That’s when you (yes you, Snowball) need people who’re willing to be ready to defend your useless back when that person/country/political power comes a knocking.
      If it were up to me, I’d probably leave you to fend for yourself for a few minutes before coming in and at least trying to help your sorry a**. And, know that I wouldn’t try to help you for your sake, but for the sake of the people better than you who love you and don’t want to see you get hurt.
      Plus, when that aforementioned “someone/-thing” wants to kill me, you’re d*mned right it’s all “kill, kill, kill”. Ever try talking down the situation when it happens to be tripped out and waving a/n [insert dangerous weapon here] at you? I would love to see you try. As a matter of fact, I’ll actually offer to pay an admission fee at the same rate one would pay to go see a movie at the cinema these days!

      • Cody

        Good stuff @FormerMarine the civi's need to learn its not all the same when you step out of your comfort zone of the US.

      • Jay

        I think that while Snowman's assertion may have been an overgeneralization of the issue (after all that's what stereotypes are) he still made a valid point.

        Quite frankly, I'm not even sure what direction you were going in your reply. It comes across as crass and arrogant. So taking it for what it's worth, I suggest ignoring Snowman's comment, since you mentally cannot accept his position. At best, you can always trust in your military brothers, correct? In that case, take it from the words on the tombstone. He said it best to begin with.

        As for paragraph two of your useless banter. I challenge you to defend your "I'd know, I've seen quite a bit of the world" speech. I'm guessing you haven't. I'm going to assert that "the world" you have seen only includes areas within a certain radius of wherever you were stationed at any given point in time.

        And as far as paragraph three and four go: Let's get real. The only reason you are in the military defending everyone else in the country, is because you had no future without it. You likely came from a poor, uneducated community, and needed to join the military as a ticket out.

        Congrats, most of us do not give a shit. If we had our way there wouldn't be wars to fight. Education and equality can breed a society of tolerant citizens who rise above that bullshit.

        So the next time you want to flaunt that "I'm fighting for your rights" bullshit. Know this. I do not care, and I am not asking you to do so. Know that you are a pawn fighting for the well lined pockets of your nations leaders. Money which you will never see yourself. And as soon as I feel like my rights and livelihood are being threatened, I will step up and defend them myself.

        • Hmmm

          I know this is an old thread but…


          This was spoken like a person who has never donned the uniform, so lets clue you in to a few things.

          First. I have met more than my fair share of intelligent and unintelligent people while in the service. The service is like any other "job" out there in that respect. But to "overgeneralize" (after all that's what stereotypes are) every Soldier, Airman, Marine, or Seaman into the uneducated column is probably one of the most foolish things I've read on the internet in a long time. You obviously know nothing about the people who do serve, the degrees they may or may not have, or the choices they make to do what they feel is morally right.

          Second. I want to address your crass observation of why servicemen and women put their lives on the line. Quite honestly, its not for you. Its not for your neighbor, or the buddies you hang out with on a friday night. Its not so you can help to perpetuate what makes this country the great country it is. The reason that service-members are out there day in and day out is because of eachother. I think Sergeant First Class Norm "Hoot" Hooten said it best in the book Black Hawk Down:
          "When I go home people'll ask me, "Hey Hoot, why do you do it man? What, you some kinda war junkie?" You know what I'll say? I won't say a goddamn word. Why? They won't understand. They won't understand why we do it. They won't understand that it's about the men next to you, and that's it. That's all it is. "

          I know you may call me ignorant or any other number of fuzzy words to describe what you believe my intelligence level is, due to the fact that I am using someone else description to emphasize my own, but I guess I will have to learn to live with that.

          Third. You have to realize that when a soldier is stationed somewhere in the world, whether it is a small radius from the base or not, said person is still seeing "the world" (unless they are stationed on Mars). It seems to me that towards the end of this rant, you are just out to cut down any servicemen that expresses their opinion.

          Fourth. I hope that you never do have to defend your rights and/or your own livelihood. Whether you like it or not that IS our job, and if you are threatened in your little house in middle America, then that means we have not done our jobs properly.

          As far as "Education and equality can breed a society of tolerant citizens who rise above that bullshit." I'm gonna let some of the others on here handle that ridiculous statement. Unless of course you would like to hear more?

          That's really all I have to say to you. I just hope you can understand that its not all sunshine and autographs. Whether they are there to put themselves through school or are a Rhodes Scholar, every man and woman had a reason to put on that uniform, and its his or her own reason. They do not have to look to you for your appreciation, or your acceptance.

    • Kevin

      yeah becuase the military IS about killing… if there is a gun pointing at you, i dont think youre going to go give him a hug. You will pull the trigger. That is a really stupid fucking comment.

    • nowayjose

      serve 4 years and then post something

  • Mark

    #5, don’t you know your not suppose to have sex education and drivers education at the same time?
    For all the services men: Thank You!

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  • dw


  • robfindlay

    13: Spetsnaz, never know when you might have to breach a wall with you head.

  • major quimby

    i lol’d at the “bomb” thing more than at the pictures

  • Dreamy

    thx for answering the question i wanted to ask 1C451, that helmet does look awesome!

    And indeed, i lolled with HHNF’s bomb joke 🙂

  • Matthew

    # 18 … … …

  • FutureJarhead

    @snowman.. I get the feeling you never served

  • AngeredAmerican

    @ snowman: wow, you are realy messed up. The military is no place to be fooling around or distracted by love, and gay love would be not only a distraction but just plain aquard. It also messes up the whole brotherhood thing. Men in the military serving together are like brothers. Not lovers. If a woman serves it is like a sister. But if your gay in the military – please – keep it from interfering with your work.

    Thanks for serving.

  • Frankie Muniz

    In all fairness #1 is a Marine not a soldier. Soldiers are in the Army. Not nitpicking, but let's get it right.

  • Jeremy

    #1, Chive I love you but, if you call my Marine a Soldier again. I will find you.

    Men join the Army to become Soldiers,
    Men join the Airforce to become Airmen,
    Men join the Navy to become sailors,
    And men join the Marines, to be a fucking Marine.

    Please, pass that around and don't forget it.

    • Chris

      That about sums it up.

  • nick

    Don’t know of anyone has ever noticed this but when you see a marine and someone would say are you a soldier they either start laughing and say hell no or just laugh uncontrollably
    Ooohhh raaaahhhh devil dogs

  • Dave

    Yall forgot about the Coast Guard

    • Wesley

      Aren't they under the Department of Homeland Security now? The rest of the military is the Department of Defense. While the Coast Guard has an important role in protecting America's domestic maritime interests, I don't feel that it should be included with the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. That's my opinion though.



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