Soldiers have funny bones too (19 photos)

  • derbycityboy

    I am in the military and if you wanna be gay go ahead its not my buisness

  • Zach

    #1 Would be Desert Marpat Utilities worn by myself and the rest of the United States MARINE CORPS. Soldiers do not wear these. They were some half ass Velcro jumpsuit. And they wear it EVERYWHERE. As MARINES we respect our uniforms, and take pride in the title we have earned and hold. Semper Fi.


  • disgruntel oef vet

    who cares about the coast guard? i mean honestly when was the last time you fought in a combat zone? and seriously jay? i willingly did 2 tours in afghanistan, iI highly doubt you have the balls to endure 140 degree heat in full gear, idf, ieds, etc etc. and untill you can find your balls, stand up, and put your life on the line for something you believe in please keep your ignorant comments to your self. you talk big when you can hide behind a computer, but pioint a weapon at you and iIl guarantee you'll crawl up into a little ball and piss yourself.

    • pops

      I don't know about Afghanistan ( it's landlocked so the Coast Guard probably wouldn't be much help), however Coast Guard men and officers served courageously in Vietnam. See . I was there on shore with the seabees in Da Nang and was friends with some of the Coast Guard stationed around there. They don't deserve your comments.

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