The hottest college chick in America is crowned. Agree? (16 Photos)

  • Stacey

    Ok, she’s definitely very hot… but she’s just not THE hottest college girl out there. She’s like your average, slutty hot girl posting pics online. I’ve seen so many just like her on MySpace or Facebook. There are way sexier college girls out there.

  • rando

    14 ftw. omg

    • bomb23

      #14 – yeah, I’d eat that candy!

  • Belarassian

    А чё по-русски слабо?

    • garp

      …my sentiments exactly

  • ssss9999

    Just looks trashy to me. Why do girls think they have look like a skank to be attractive?


    Would you like to touch my pen is big.

  • zym

    Body is smoking. Face is Muppet.

    Ashley, sans ducklips, win.

  • Equalizer

    #14 – Candy beads – nom-nom-nom

  • Jon

    Wrong pick, Ashley is waaaaaaaaaaay hotter!!!

  • sensijoe

    im pretty much in agreement with everyone else. she is attractive. no doubt about it. but no way the hottest. i would prefer the runner up, hands down…speaking of which, kind taking that photo again, just with ur ‘hands down’?? hahahah ahhh immaturity, i remember this feeling!

  • somethings

    I go to a big 12 school. She is a dime a dozen in terms of hotness.

  • Alex

    Blech. Texas girls are fugly.

    • Tiger's Wood

      You must not be from the States because the hottest girls in the country are grown right here in Texas.

  • Anonymous

    her parents must be so proud of their college slut.

  • Anonymous


  • Clickawhat

    HHNF should eat a bag of d*cks, That is all.

    • HellHathNoFury

      You’re so eloquent, it’s hard to disagree with you.

    • jeff in Australia

      Are they filling..?
      Where do you buy yours..?
      Do so wish that when you type “that is all”, you meant it.

  • Dave

    Wait – is that candy in 14? mmmmm…..candy

    • Dave

      Ha! Double candy!

  • Sauru

    she has a ugly face if you ask me. i dont see how she even made the finals let alone win it

  • ExZonie

    Dude, not hottest, but that smarties bathing suit is pretty sweet…no pun intended. And college humor did not look hard enough, she’d be a rockin 8 or 9 at ASU, but no where near hottest. Sorry I’m not sorry.

  • bawwls

    Umm…who’s the lucky bastard on the receiving end of the webcam shots?

  • fourtwenty

    shes hot but i didnt even get a chub. we have seen better. that asian chick from yesterday is better. brunettes ftw. chris farley—————->

  • dw

    she aint hottest, and neither was ashley. one of the contenders for the final four was the one who should have taken the crown.

  • jsmitts

    The runner up is way hotter. Just sayin… That candy bikini in number 14 is pretty ridiculous though.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be back….. I have to jagoff to this.

  • C-Dawg

    #7 is a win!

  • tomorrowbystorm

    As I’ve said before she rocks a Key Blade in one of her pics. Now she’s sporting a the Buster Sword, Silk Specter cos-play, and a Candy bikini.

    She wins.

  • Doober

    This girl goes by the name Dahlia on the site Camwithher. America voted for a camwhore…congrats!!!

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