The hottest college chick in America is crowned. Agree? (16 Photos)

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  • TMBG

    I was going to say “No”, but the I saw the picture with the buster sword and the bumble bee t-shirt… I can still find hotter…

  • BigTommy

    I thought Tamara was the hottest one. But, she is also my local Hooter’s girl, so I may be biased.

  • charlestonpaul

    Ding ding ding ding — We have a WINNER!!!

  • arielbarks

    Not gonna lie, she’s got a killer body, and I’m a sucker for cheerleading uniforms. And holy god I would eat her candy…the candy. yes.

  • dt520

    Man not a single duck face from the amazing woman, and you go and ruin it at the end.

    Also, candy underwear is just awesome.

  • some dude

    give me that brunette in the yellow dress, goddamn.

    and i had ashley out in round one, uneven boobs anyone? big turn off. duck faces didn’t help either.

  • 97683265t

    certainly a winner of “sluttiest smile on the block” competition

    • jeff in Australia

      Well thank you for that insight, I am sure that all of the people on Chive, as do I, bow to your great and much researched study of “sluts”. Are you still married..?

  • igotaboner

    Not a single duckface in these photos. Son, I am impress.

  • Drizzt

    I’m thinking not enough girls entered this contest.

  • P-90

    Hottest? meh….I’ve seen better looking women at the end of my………..binoculars.

  • thefatman58

    If not #1 then she’s 1-a

  • Brandon

    Yup, she was my #1 pic for the bracket

  • forge

    She’s extremely beautiful but I can’t say I agree with how she does her makeup. Other than that, she’s pretty much all wow. That candy bikini is the awesome and it sure fits her nicely.

  • CunningLinguist

    photoshop is awesome!!! that dude totally looks like a hot chick

  • terry

    and she goes to school where again? and yes i would have to say yes



  • Brian

    The winner is…well…alright. I want to see more of Ashley! That is one FINE chick!

  • Yeesh

    Hot? Yes. But definitely not the hottest. There were girls in that contest a lot sexier then her. She’s too typical. Boooooring!

  • Bud Ugly

    I think she’s sexy and hot; not sure about sexiest and hottest.

    And I personally hate that under-the-lip-stud piercing.

  • Tyler

    her hair is over dyed and fried, kinda a turn off

  • matt

    is her face super crooked or is that just me, take a look at #15

  • BravoDub

    buuuusted face

  • Rick

    Runner Up is waaaaayyyyy Hotter!….. what were the judges smoking??? Note to self don't take meth before judging a hot chick contest.

  • xerokool

    she's amazing….and varied. but she had me at 4

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