• MichaelGS

    the bolt holes on her neck make me think this is the 2012 remake of “bride of frankenstein” but with todays internet, he has to stalk her relentlessly before she before she actually sees him and screams and he kills them both with and oddly placed lever. It’s a harrowing tale of something and something else. Rated R, because the monster is played by gary busey. Coming to a cinema near you

  • poppajo8

    I think those rings on her finger means she’s taken Dude.

  • Russia

    Thanks guys, i didnt notice her hideious nose until it was pointed out. Now i find her appaling. I was going to marry this hipster but not anymore. Thanks again.

  • Alice

    Lol, if that guy ever gets married I can guarantee his wife will not look like that.

  • Eddie

    Find her plzz D: that would be nice 🙂

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