You know I woke up and said I must have Megan Fox (29 Photos)

  • cat21

    Megan make me come FIRST.

    • Mike

      Easily the most overrated woman on the planet. She’s hot, yes, but people act like she’s the greatest thing ever. She doesn’t crack my top 20.

  • Surma


    I came buckets

    • dt520

      You also came second sir failguy.

      • flenin

        well at least she’ll be happy

  • bathori

    she looks dirty in a good way

  • Pufffdragon

    I don’t care, but I think she is overrated. Dodo on the other post looked more smokin.

    • Anonymous


      • Jon without the h

        I agree. Still wouldn’t throw her out of bed, though.

  • yup


  • bob

    can i get some consistency with her, she looks like a different person in every other pic

    • Jon without the h

      I’m so glad you said this. I thought the same thing! #8 looks like a different girl than the one in #9. It’s weird. “Transformers” Megan Fox is way hotter than “Jennifer’s Body” Megan Fox. Kinda makes me wonder what she looks like when she’s not all dolled up.

  • dt520

    Either she became a plastic surgery gone wrong or age came fast, I haven’t seen whats so amazing about her… the past year or two made me seriously consider and change my opinion on how hot she was.

  • Anon

    She just got kicked off of Transformers 3… Their loss!!! She’s smokin…

  • rcjoas

    i have one thing to add…….hammerthumbs.

    • top dog

      Well, you know what say about thumbs, they help you grip things(7 inches). Besides, who’s looking at her thumbs anyway? As long as she don’t have hammer toes, who cares.

  • Evan

    Overrated? -> Yes
    Still damn fine? -> Yes

  • Your Local Priest

    How much fucking plastic surgery has this bitch had!

    • Matt

      thats a big ZERO, goose egg, NADA!!!!! why i love her so much. Shes bad, shes not on drugs (WOOOHOO!!!!!) and she just knows how to have fun.

      okay okay so she only acts like a bad girl. she really isn’t. shes actually really into comics. Another huge plus!!!! (she said it in GQ)

      • Furthy

        No drugs? Psh, what a loser. She needs a boob job too.

      • MissChris

        She has actually had plastic surgery – a nose job (which IMO wasn’t really necessary) and lip injections (which also weren’t necessary). Grr, she was beautiful to begin with and then she just made it unfair for the rest of us by tweaking her already lovely face.

        • goaliematt

          Horrible tattoos, shows she has horrible taste and comes across like just another snooty bitch. Her physical beauty is eclipsed by her sense of self worth .

  • widelec

    its more like you woke up and went to widelec then stole the megan fox bit as well as doda

    • Anonmouse

      Wait a minute!!! You mean that every picture on the internet isn’t 100% original and wasn’t taken by photographers from each individual site? Whoa…you learn something new every day.

  • top dog

    She might be kinda young but I wouldn’t hold that against her. She got a tight little body.

  • Equalizer

    Where’s the Supergirl picture… oh, I forgot, it’s just our secret…..

  • nouu

    moving on, she isn’t even gonna be in the next transformers…thank god.

    • Anonmouse

      So you’re saying it might go from a 1-star movie to a 1 1/2 star movie? It’s a series of movies based on toys that change from cars into robots. Not exactly a thought provoking Oscar winner here.

  • Anonymous

    Despite having a reasonable attractive body which she ruined with inane tattoos, her highly negative intelligence sucks the smarts out of anyone who gets within 10 feet of her.

  • Larry

    I’d fuck it but then punch her in the face when I was done because she is such a bitch.

  • P-90

    It’s ridiculous how hot she is.

  • PooPooCachoo

    And she has a super tight twat too!

    You know this because she has only been banging small dicked Brian Austin Green!

    If I was Mandingo, I would be killing fools to split this bitch…

  • aosux

    the tats can go. manuscript tatoos are about as attractive as…hillary clinton

  • Mattythegooch

    Hello, my name is 15 minutes…..your time is up!!!

  • Jones

    As long as her thumbs never touched me, I’d be ok.

  • Anonymous

    over-rated, but I’d tap it.

  • bbbbbeaver

    she would have been much better off as a model rather than an over rated movie star

  • wally

    #22 hot damn!

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