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  • hrhig34

    she looks just like she climbed out of a well

    • jeffro

      after the divorce….mickey and his crew caught up with goofy.

  • aosux

    The mob? Fuck that, don’t mess with Disney!

  • Equalizer

    WTF! You just change the picture! way to go chive….

  • Anonmouse

    circa 1956, The Disneyland staff goes on strike, resulting in 11 deaths, 43 injuries, and Walt Disney’s car being torched.

  • Doug Goff

    This is what happens when you think it’s a good idea to trip on acid and visit Disney World!

  • Anonmouse

    This summer in a theater near you – Christine 2, Revenge in Anaheim!

  • stafferty

    I never thought of Donald Duck as a master mind, but appearently he is a strong enough leader to make Mickey and his evil twin get along for some good fashioned old anarchy.

  • Mark

    Y does the title say
    “Creepy old man staring at little girl”?

    • Anonmouse

      Unknown to more historians, the Watts Riots of ’65 stretched all the way to Disneyland.

  • Anonmouse

    As Miley Cyrus burns to death in her classic car, the Disney toons hold hands in unison, prepared to take back their network and ruin all pre-teen shows like Hannah Montana.

  • sfmountainbiker

    …before they were the Dead Presidents….

  • Big Bob

    After Disney stock plummeted and severe spending cuts were made, the daily parades at Disneyland were never the same.

  • confused

    Disney destroying lives since before Britney

  • DC

    Loony Toons had it comin’……

  • krisb

    Exhibit 12a – how to thaw out Walt Disney’s body.

  • indiancheef

    oh we didn’t start the fire.
    it was always burning.

    • jeffro

      after mickey and minney reconciled….goofy was toast.

  • Bob

    M- I -C see ya real soon

    K -I -L -L……I mean K-E-Y

  • AUX

    It was the only way they could put Pluto down

  • ivandrago75

    Damn it feels good to be a gangster!

    • Anonymous

      PC load letter! What the fuck does that mean?!

  • Bob

    They finally found the guy that shot Bambi’s mom.

  • Shake Zula

    “Moments later, everyone turned around and realized what Mickey’s asshole twin had done. In Memory, Tom & Jerry, 1940 – 1958”

  • jason

    I knew it! I told my Mom they were evil! And she said my stuffed animals were there to protect me!………………..

  • Langy

    Shit!!! I left my crack in the back seat.

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  • Mustafa_Beer

    Leave the gun… take the cannoli…

  • stevie

    Disneyworld Bosnia never really took off as hoped.

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