Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Mark

    #12 replace fat chick with me!
    #14 replace volleyball with my cocknballs
    either way I would be happy

  • party

    #14. that is all

    • Zach

      meh no boobs not impressed

      • OneClownShoe

        So, you’re into fat chicks? As if you get women that look this good.

        #14 ALL…DAY….LONG!!!!!

        • EMB

          Zach is clearly retarded….that woman is smoking hot and I doubt he has ever had any relations with a girl of such wonderfulness..

  • hitman219

    2, 14 & 29 FTW

    • greenerblues

      #2 that’s a big pussy

  • ch0nies

    awww perfect strangers, another good ending to a good day!

  • thomas

    need some help from fellow Chivers. really do need to know who #14 is.

    what i do with that information is none of your business.

    • Nato2101

      Where is the photo from? She kind of looks like an old school mate of mine’s girlfriend, who has modelled for the Zara chain of shops.

    • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

      dude, thomas, chill, you’re freaking me out… the perv detectives are already on it.. it will only be a matter of days until, from what it sounds like, you can have your way with her and then harvest her organs.

      • CunningLinguist

        rubber, dont forget the human suit. those kinds are into that weird “dress up” stuff too.

  • Furthy

    #24 sweet shirt.

  • goposaur

    #14 (duh) sporty with that trimmed pod and all, but 2 St. Pauli girls at once? Do Want.

  • cavemanlawyer

    #25 Has MEAT CURTAINS!

    #29 – My perfect afternoon.

  • petwookiee

    Yes, Chive – I demand an answer. Who is #14?

    Also, who is #6, while you’re at it?

    • archstanton68

      #14 is Nicky Whelan

  • drinkinguy

    #14- nicky whelan, you’re welcome

    search for her, very worth while

  • Mattythegooch


    hit me with some Farley ——->

  • Nicnac

    challenge… find #3 in the Kama Sutra.

  • TheReddek

    #14 is Nicky Whelan.
    She seems really nice too… not entirely sure she’s real. She’s probably really Al Pacino.

  • rwhite2366

    #14 alias is pepper steiger

  • tyrese clinkscale

    #2 & #15…beautiful pix

  • Joe Clyde

    #14 I believe her name is Cameilia Toesinki

    • Snarkotron

      well played…i almost googled that

  • Harry

    #18 Too old to be walking around without a top or too young to be on a topless beach?

  • HellHathNoFury

    If freckles had twice as many, she’d have a great tan going on.
    She’s very pretty.
    There were failboats before the internet?

    • jeff in Australia

      Freckles are good.!

      • HellHathNoFury

        Not when you don’t know which ethnic group you belong in.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Eff me, that sounded totally racist.
          Sorry bout that.

          • jeff in Australia

            Only a person with a pain in their head would type something like that..!
            Is Australian an ethnic group..?

            • Matt

              the girl with the freckles is cute, but thats just way to many freckles. its brings her down

  • fourtwenty

    #14 is Palmela Handerson. mmmhhmmmhhmm. jerry ‘if it wasnt for larry david i would be broke’ seinfeld———>

  • SaintxXxAsh


    Freckles = creepy

    • smick

      Freckles or not she is kinda hot. I’d tap that. Then again where I’m from freckles seems to be the norm so I guess anything with freckles that is actually semi-attractive is an upgrade.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        i wasn’t aware there were places where freckles were the norm. interesting…

        • Krashtester

          The freckles chick is very hot!

          Macaroni and Cheese….How many times have you saved my life?

          Nice posting Chive, you guys always find something cool for us.

  • randomhero1218

    #14 Nicky Whelan deserves her own post. This is like the 3rd time she’s popped up in a post, everyone seems to dig her.

  • HellHathNoFury

    7-I can see Russia from here!

  • Nagrom

    #29. I’m in love with the babe on the left.

  • Hotdog Neck

    #25 has meat curtains. that’s cool.

  • Hotdog Neck

    Just saw someone posted the meat curtains comment. We think alike!

    Oh, and my wife and I both agree that freckles girl is absolutely gorgeous. Breathtakingly beautiful to be more precise. More of her!

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