The ‘Boom Headshot’ girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

linda le 271 The Boom Headshot girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

Alright Chivers, last week we were sent a photo of an anonymous hot chick, she became known as the ‘Boom Headshot’ girl. After we posted that pic, we received over a hundred emails from ya’ll wanting to know who she was, or in the words of Chiver Mark Arnolds, “Find her. now. And bring her to me.”

Because theCHIVE is made of awesome we’ve tracked her down. Meet Linda Le. Linda lives in San Francisco, California via Oklahoma and describes herself as a “stylist, model, nerd, and gamer junkie.” Her versatile look and Anime allure has earned her quite a cult following under the alias ‘Vampy’. Having spoken to her a couple times now, I can tell ya’ll she’s a class act, funny and smart and not a single ounce of bitchy, which is nice. But now she’s arrived at theCHIVE, the world’s biggest madhouse of judgment. So what say you, Chivers?

For some serious sexiness check out her blog,Vamp Beauty, right here.

  • petwookiee

    Wow Chive – That is the second mind-blowing Asian lady this week. It's a tough call between her and Reon. Maybe if we could see a little under-boob from her, it would help make a clear decision…

    • j12goose

      I vote for a regular hot Asian chick catagory.

      • Luvdemasianchicks

        This chick is out of this freakin world. Damn!

        #21 is the best for one simple reason, it has 2 asian chicks in it.

    • R.walker

      Linda is way sexier than Reon is. reon has nice tits thats about it. linda got a smoking face and everything else. altho her ass could be a little more shapely

  • Furthy

    I have a boner

    • FartFace

      We all do, friend. Even the girls have boners. I even popped like 15 or 16 while typing this.

      • Willow

        Yeah, I’m a girl, and I definitely have a couple boners…

  • Baker

    holy shit, I’m from Okmulgee, Oklahoma where she’s from. The place is pure hell. I give anybody credit for making it out of there. Good on ya’ Linda.

    Oh, and yeah, she’s hot

  • Peter

    I’m not into Asians, mostly because they’re not into me. But I’d be willing to give this one a shot at the title. and by that I mean she can live with me in my parent’s basement.


    • Jrock


  • Big Bob


    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • j12goose

    My face is on fire.

  • Faulkner

    #10 – Lingerie librarian. I’d like to check out a boner, I mean a book. I mean your tits are huge.

  • Verbal Kint

    Hi Linda. Quick question. Do you worry that all your boyfriends will be thinking “Boom. Headshot” right before they climax with you? And how does that make you feel? I’m looking at #2 as I type this.

    ———————-> Big fan.

  • youngAnnikensucked

    she’s magically babelicious

  • psychofreak

    first i guess..if nly i was the first to tap her 😛

    • aosux

      You get no more guesses!

  • Toby nuts

    she has given me the strength to call the ball

    ——> Eddie Murphy

    did i dos it?

  • Mark

    #4 “WTF she has no legs?!?!?” was my first thought

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I’m really tempted to go gah-gah over her, but after sometime on theChive I’m a bit weary of the pretty girls. She could very well be one of those gals in the “make-up lies to you” posts that theChive continues to pump out.

    Aw what the heck. She is very very hot! *Howls*

  • ChrisDG74

    Headshot? I thought those were called “money-shots”. Oh wait, nevermind.

  • zym

    Don’t mind these freaks. I’d like to apologize for them over a nice glass of cunnigulus….WINE!! I MEANT WINE!!

    • ChrisDG74

      WTF is cunnigulus? I will assume you meant cunnilingus.

      • zym

        Even I thumbed up calling out my utter lack of spelling ability. I deserve a Boom! Headshot! for that.

  • Dub

    I want one of these.

  • keithp420

    you had me at premature ejaculation…

  • Docsully

    freaking breath taking

  • Mustafa_Beer

    So many looks… it would be interesting to see a new look every nighrt!

  • aosux

    she’s um…yeah. 1 up to get 2 down, if you know what i’m sayin

  • Mattythegooch

    TOOL wife beater is nice!! What I really like in this girl is…ME!! I would like ME in her..and by her, I mean her vagina! Hey-ohhhh!!

    —–> double down on Chapelle

  • some40niner

    HOLY FUK ME!!!!! That is one FINE woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Equalizer

    yes, I want to bite you

  • fourtwenty

    one day i will have a hot asian chick that plays video games and listens to tool and has a huge rack and pretty face and smokes weed and is not bitchy and has a sick camaro i can drive. richard pryor——>

    • Mattythegooch

      and a twin sister whom lacks any discretion.

  • garp

    …madhouse of judgement eh?….ok, I sentence this this woman to beauty for life

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