The ‘Boom Headshot’ girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

linda le 271 The Boom Headshot girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

Alright Chivers, last week we were sent a photo of an anonymous hot chick, she became known as the ‘Boom Headshot’ girl. After we posted that pic, we received over a hundred emails from ya’ll wanting to know who she was, or in the words of Chiver Mark Arnolds, “Find her. now. And bring her to me.”

Because theCHIVE is made of awesome we’ve tracked her down. Meet Linda Le. Linda lives in San Francisco, California via Oklahoma and describes herself as a “stylist, model, nerd, and gamer junkie.” Her versatile look and Anime allure has earned her quite a cult following under the alias ‘Vampy’. Having spoken to her a couple times now, I can tell ya’ll she’s a class act, funny and smart and not a single ounce of bitchy, which is nice. But now she’s arrived at theCHIVE, the world’s biggest madhouse of judgment. So what say you, Chivers?

For some serious sexiness check out her blog,Vamp Beauty, right here.

  • NTFW

    fake boobs, best thing any girl can do in life…. will you marry me


  • RandomRolis

    this should have said “not safe for work” man she is one sexy lady, strangely turned on by the anime robot outfit, like ghost in a shell type of turn on

  • Anonymous

    She is easily the most beautiful woman I have ever seen….I would give 10 years off my life to date her.

  • parry

    lingerie pic ftw!

  • confused

    She good but in some of the pics she’s just odd

  • HellHathNoFury

    No doubt she’s awesome, pretty and creative.
    But if she were white and calling herself Vampy and dressing up like an animal, people would just call her a freak.

  • Fapper John

    Uncle Jonathan’s corn cob pipe! She’s gucking forgeous!

  • thetech2

    ummmm your right she’s all that ….and a bag O chips stunning to say the least and being the guy everyone wishes they were you had me at not bitchy

  • SladeStyls

    Images added to spank bank for later research! Thwap, Thwap, Thwap!

  • goaliematt

    wow, that’s either a really big can or she’s got some freak genetic non-growing disorder, that’s the price you pay for beauty though………..the vampy thing is soooooooo lame

  • crazy

    um, wow.

  • DrRockso


  • yeah


  • Hepa

    OMG, IT’S MORRIGAN!!!!!1
    *Feints in excitement*

  • Insert Name Here

    whats wrong with her eyebrows??

  • powersticks

    I must have you!

  • Anonymous

    Wow hot asian girl that likes Tool….Wow

  • nouu

    ugly bitch. i don’t know what you guys facination with asian slut is? don’t you know there snatch smells like shrimp flavored raman noodles?

    • switch

      and you’re a racist dumb shit.. exactly the reason why you would only end up with bitchy babes..

  • jtrussell7

    She is absolutely the finest asian chick ever turned out. That is saying something if you consider that there are 4+ billion Chinese in the world. She is money in a little baby bunny disguise.

  • 1001milf

    Holy crap her boobs are so fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well anyway men these days like artificial whores lol!!

    • creepsareforkeeps

      I seriously doubt you are a milf. You are probably a bitter fugly tramp who likes to think that you’ve still got it.

    • aintgottalie2kickit

      i really love how insecure bitches like you try to make yourselves feel better by talking trash about people you don't know. flat chests can always be augmented, but you, my dear, need a lobotomy. at the least. ^_^

  • The One

    I would drink and/or mainline her bath water.

  • me!!1

    I love the chive .. is always FAPday with the chive….

  • Jon

    I say yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Markkens

    I happen to LOVE shrimp flavored raman noodles…and your point was gayness, or fappititis?

  • top dog

    I don’t know what say you, but I’ll tell you what say me…I would like to put a hickey on both her butt cheeks!

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