The ‘Boom Headshot’ girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

linda le 271 The Boom Headshot girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

Alright Chivers, last week we were sent a photo of an anonymous hot chick, she became known as the ‘Boom Headshot’ girl. After we posted that pic, we received over a hundred emails from ya’ll wanting to know who she was, or in the words of Chiver Mark Arnolds, “Find her. now. And bring her to me.”

Because theCHIVE is made of awesome we’ve tracked her down. Meet Linda Le. Linda lives in San Francisco, California via Oklahoma and describes herself as a “stylist, model, nerd, and gamer junkie.” Her versatile look and Anime allure has earned her quite a cult following under the alias ‘Vampy’. Having spoken to her a couple times now, I can tell ya’ll she’s a class act, funny and smart and not a single ounce of bitchy, which is nice. But now she’s arrived at theCHIVE, the world’s biggest madhouse of judgment. So what say you, Chivers?

For some serious sexiness check out her blog,Vamp Beauty, right here.

  • janesongr

    What blocks your connection with God?

  • jeff in Australia

    Congratulations guy’s and girls, only one anti Asian comment.. pleasant change, well done all..

  • Romina

    Cute girl… Now show us a picture of the same girl without make up.

  • Vozz


  • Brandon

    Tool + Misfits + video games + extremely hot = i can’t ask for more

  • MasterDebater

    Nosebleed alert. 😦

    or should it be 😀

  • Dalakman

    That Asian beside her in #19 is twice as hot imo

  • eh

    I’m a chick. I am straight. Yet i am pretty sure she has given me a boner. You are beautiful. I pray you make millions before age kicks in.

  • Irwin 109

    Just… Wow!

  • yournametobynow

    cute girl. now show us a picture where she’s not photoshopped or blurry enough that we can’t see her acne

  • mancheese

    she had me at evangelion…..and number 8!
    so hot

  • kelleekat

    I like her hair in 24.

  • Grey

    Oooooooooh….YES PLEASE !!!

  • nelly02

    bloody lovely

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  • Lets make butt babies

    I would bone all day (and I dont really like asian chicks).

  • Eazy E

    Skeet Skeet… = TOOL shirt… EXPLOSION!!!!!

  • dt520

    Nom nom nom, that sums up my thoughts.

  • Gregg

    Absolutely beautiful…. One of the few actual 10’s…… F*ck boners… This chick gave me goosebumps….. ok and boners.

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  • julietromeobravo


  • Shanus

    Sure, she’s hot and into video games, but the fact that she’s also into Tool (and some fairly brutal bands on her Facebook) just melts my heart

  • Anonymous

    #24 is seriously the worst photoshop I’ve seen in a long time.

  • im Jim. yes you may.

    That gal is one tall glass of water!

  • alexxxae

    hottest chick i’ve ever seen. ever.

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