The ‘Boom Headshot’ girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

linda le 271 The Boom Headshot girl revealed. Meet Linda Le (28 Photos)

Alright Chivers, last week we were sent a photo of an anonymous hot chick, she became known as the ‘Boom Headshot’ girl. After we posted that pic, we received over a hundred emails from ya’ll wanting to know who she was, or in the words of Chiver Mark Arnolds, “Find her. now. And bring her to me.”

Because theCHIVE is made of awesome we’ve tracked her down. Meet Linda Le. Linda lives in San Francisco, California via Oklahoma and describes herself as a “stylist, model, nerd, and gamer junkie.” Her versatile look and Anime allure has earned her quite a cult following under the alias ‘Vampy’. Having spoken to her a couple times now, I can tell ya’ll she’s a class act, funny and smart and not a single ounce of bitchy, which is nice. But now she’s arrived at theCHIVE, the world’s biggest madhouse of judgment. So what say you, Chivers?

For some serious sexiness check out her blog,Vamp Beauty, right here.

  • zappa

    she looks like an asian version of sasha grey. plus some tits.

  • Ed


    She’s wearing a tool shirt…

    I’m in love

  • Anonymous

    Damn hot. She looks like she’s had some “work” done. Regardless… booyeah.

  • Darksoul

    Regarding #3: Dear diary, another one.

  • Anton

    I think I just hurt myself.

  • Thanh

    please do porn =/

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  • AtomManhattan

    #11 & #18
    !@#$%&* awesome

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    …dibs! Well played Chive…well played.

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  • MikeyB58


  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Always Last


  • dfletch

    pics are siiiiiick… i love her… i want one

  • Saya

    This is American exceptionalism . American iaotvnoinn, oh, wait, the current occupant doesn’t believe in that and will not foster the ideal. Now we have to hitch a ride off the Russians .. and others are moving ahead of the greatest. We’re doomed with losers like this.

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