This girl just changed my life (38 Photos)

This Oregon State grad goes by the name of Sara Jean Underwood. She is a model that you may recognize from the Playboy mansion as she was voted the July 2006 Playboy Playmate of the Month and Playmate of the Year in 2007. Lets face it, Hef knows quality.

  • merlinbadman

    Take that plyboy trash off your neck and we have a winner!!!

    • TheNiedrich

      You do realize she is a playboy model, right?

  • locker217

    she is hot. sadly though, she reminds me of paris hilton, which is an INSTANT turn-off.

    • confused

      How is it an instant turnoff Paris Hilton is hot, I just wouldn’t touch her

    • Jebb83

      She may resemble Paris but shes not stupid like her.

    • dammit

      yeah you wouldn't bang her

  • tiger woulds

    Why couldn't I get a chick like this for my affairs? No wonder I can't play golf.

    • bill


  • douche

    Did she get a nosejob????????

    • Blip

      Ya think? Also, put a check mark on fake breasts. She is a sex blow up doll…..Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      • forge

        Thos’re fake? Who the hell goes out to get fake boobs and only gets b-cups? I think you’re full of it. On the other hand, a Playmate with real boobs? What planet are YOU from? grin

      • radiodial

        Studied them close – lots to study there too. Nope, they’re real. The hang, the slope, the contour and the way they sit on the pecs – real. Can’t believe I just spent 15 minutes doing that…

        • Spelling Police

          She has implants. They may be modest ones, but they're implants. She has said so herself.

        • realio

          Please- petite chicks with C cups look silly. Those are fake Bs and stunning at that.

    • Dez!

      Who the f*ck is looking at her nose?!?!?!?!

      Gay test, I am afraid I have got some bad news……


  • Spiderpig615

    Looks like a clean version of Paris Hilton.

    • BlueDeuce2


  • rando

    14 ftmfw.

    • guy


  • EriktheRed

    #1-#38 FTW.

    p.s. I said God Damn!

    • Nyr

      I say goddess perfect

  • Equalizer

    She needs a boob job..

    • Roscoe

      Wow, couldn’t disagree more. Too many women go that route and look ridiculous. She’s just fine the way she is.

    • Blip

      Already has a boob-job…..

      • Anonmouse

        From what…an A to a B? Did they run out of silicone half way through the procedure? They look very natural to me, not like the basketballs a lot of them sport these days.

        • aosux

          They get bigger in the pics. If she didn’t get em put in then she blossomed pretty late

          • Anonmouse

            I think it’s the magic of push-up bras and dresses that hold ’em up that makes them appear larger in some pics. Even in the nude pics I’ve seen elsewhere, they’re not big by any means. When she was on G4 she didn’t seem large at all. If there is plastic in there, they didn’t use much! Maybe I’m just bad at spotting fake ones that aren’t huge (i.e. the obvious porn-star DDs with the nasty scar on the side).

          • forge

            Chief, a girl’s boobs change size depending on what time of the month it is. Especially when they’re this woman’s age. Also as noted, you can do amazing things with the right top and the right bra and the right piece of tape in the right place.

            • is.

              I DON'T CARE SHE'S HOT

    • forge

      Yes!! That way she can look EXACTLY PRECISELY LIKE EVERY SINGLE OTHER GIRL that ever walked into or out of the Playboy Mansion! I know, why don’t we try a little f*cking DIVERSITY once in a while? How about we have a few girls that DON’T have ugly artificial CRAP sewn into their bodies? Hmm? How about???

      • thatsnotausername

        ^ FORGE IS REALLY ANGRY ABOUT THIS!!!….dipshit

    • waffle

      She did get one. Google it.

  • douchebag

    She has tiny tits.

    • garp

      …..that is something only a douchbag would say

    • forge

      Yes, she doesn’t have giant ugly plastic bowling balls taped to her chest. You’re very f*cking observant, douchenozzle.

    • Guest

      ….and they look fantastic.

    • THISguy

      They're real and they're spectacular.

  • dooby

    Generic regurgitated blonde. Yawn.

    • sycocid


  • Verbal Kint

    #26 – Johnny Bench called.

    • Notme

      needs a catcher's mitt

  • First!

    pure awesomeness!

  • Pufffdragon

    Still, it made me forget that Megan whats her name from the other day.

    • breathinfire

      who’s megan 😀

  • Chris

    #34 is the best. And she does look a lot like Paris Hilton :/

    • Furthy

      Different faps for different folks, I suppose. #34 was the only one out of the entire gallery that I did not like.

  • ROK

    why did she change your life? give you an STD?

  • P-90


  • Dub

    I want one. Where does one acquire this? I know its not around here cuz all the ones near me aren’t too great looking.

    • Fun Guy

      maybe that says more about you than about the girls …lol

  • nickel.pl8ed

    Avatar win.

  • Big Bob

    She shows up on the G4TV channel quite a bit. She’s been on Attack of the Show several times, hosted some Bond movies that were shown there, and been on Women of Ninja Warrior. Looking at her wiki bio, I’m now kicking myself that I never went to the Hooters in Beaverton, Oregon where she once worked (as I live in Beaverton too).

  • randomhero1218

    I love me some Sara Underwood.

  • NTFW

    I’ve always always thought SJU was overall the most prettiest girl i’ve ever seen …
    personality + beauty = mind blown

    anyways, FML as usual

  • dawson1488

    I still have the Pac-10 girls Playboy with her in an Oregon St painted on Beavers jersey. It is pure WIN!!!

  • widelec

    This made my day yesterday when I read it on widelec dot org!!!!

  • Joe Clyde

    She is WAAAY hotter than the other girl.

  • CunningLinguist

    HHNF is hotter.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I wish!
      I’d never have to work again!

      • CunningLinguist

        wouldnt that be great?

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