This girl just changed my life (38 Photos)

This Oregon State grad goes by the name of Sara Jean Underwood. She is a model that you may recognize from the Playboy mansion as she was voted the July 2006 Playboy Playmate of the Month and Playmate of the Year in 2007. Lets face it, Hef knows quality.

  • ssss9999

    pancake a$$, but pretty face.

    • forge

      Ha, no one was complaining about her tuches when she was in that skintight white Spandex at that Princess Leia carwash a dozen or so articles back. She’s got a very cute booty.

  • chris

    she should be megan fox’s replacement in the next transformers perrrrfect

  • DrRockso

    I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from

    • Blip

      I could just tell you.

    • forge

      Or you can just Google her name and there’s probably a dozen or so pictures of that available right this very minute.

  • Daved

    This girl just drained my balls.

  • zellmerfudd

    Hottest chick ever invented!

  • Dude

    Like a hotter Paris Hilton

  • fourtwenty

    i got some underwood for sara jean……….anyone?anyone? (im talking about my dick!) adam sandler———->

  • yeah

    what dooby said ……nothing new nothing special just boring old white bread….dime-a-dozen who cares

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  • Cyprien

    Bland and extraordinarily fake (and small) breasts.. How’d she change your life? Turn you gay?

    • Big Bob

      If Playboy playmates of the year are “bland” where you live, I’m moving there immediately!

    • forge

      “Fake” “small” do you not see some incongruency with your ridiculous insults? Yes she’s Yet Another Blonde but at least she doesn’t have ugly crap sewn into her.

  • Mattythegooch

    Pull up her Playboy pictures and all of you will shut your damn yaps!!! I don’t know if they airbrushed the hair off her snizz, but shit, she looks good as fuck in PB!

  • Zeb

    3rd time I click on this link today 🙂

    • somerandomguy

      me too – I can’t stop !! fap fap fap

  • dmoney

    I would wreck that chick

  • Alright

    Hot yes, but too fake for my taste.

  • nelson

    yea, hhnf is alot hotter!!

  • powersticks

    #37 FTW!

  • chase12


  • Anonymous

    i think she looks more like a young jennifer love hewitt with different hair

  • iHateJayBeck

    she changed your life… i changed my undies

  • pookie

    By far my favorite playmate of all time. And I think she did get a boob job recently, unfortunately. She definitely didn’t need it. Was absolutely perfect to begin with.

  • Ash

    Reminds me of Kristen Bell for some reason.

  • top dog

    She’s suffering from noassatall, a treatable ailment. GET HELP…NOW!!

  • RandomRolis

    she is my kind of girl, i love it when she shows up on G4 sometimes, just cuz she tried out for sasuke (ninja warrior) makes her even hotter

  • D

    I just called the police, and I’m planning on pressing charges against my right hand for sexual assault.

  • top dog

    Did I mentioned that she has no ass?

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