• Floopa_Joopa

    When I read the, “Invisible Potion,” caption, I couldn’t help but hear it in Ron Howard’s voice. (i.e. Arrested Development status.)

    • floscar

      LOLOL thats how I pictured it when I wrote it.

  • crait


  • Greg

    #5 was easily my favorite photo of the bunch, but not the funniest caption.

  • pookie

    not only are all these unfuckingfunny, but can someone explain #1 please? Am I viewing how Republicans view Obama, or is that black guy how Republicans view Obama (through silly glasses)? Can we start stabbing faces through the internet yet?

    • Jared

      I guess you don’t realize that these captions are meant to be simply funny and not read into very much, take it for what it is and try to sleep at night.

  • Natasha



    Number 1 is so lame. Republicans aren’t racist, you idiots. The Democratic Part has been the party of racism since its inception. It was founded to keep slavery alive, and when they failed at that they created the Jim Crow laws. When that failed, they created social welfare programs to oppress minorities.

    • Jared

      Dingus, people like you shouldn’t be allowed to go on this site, this site is for laughs and nothing more. Stick to Fox News if you need to get stuff like that off your chest. The entire Chive Community thanks you.

    • DingaLing

      DINGUS, if there is anything more stupid than your post, please point it out to me. Get your facts straight and stop watching Glenn Beck. The Democratic party then and the Democratic party now are complete opposites. Also, learn to take a joke and get the stick out of your ass, maybe then some people wouldn’t have negative opinions of Republicans.

  • steve

    # 1 is the best because I’m a Republican and that IS how I see Obama. All that’s missing is a bridge troll in an expensive dress standing beside him looking outraged.

  • powersticks

    Somebody please explain #1.

    • Justice

      Begun, the great internet euadction has.

  • kelleekat

    i don’t get the last two, can someone explain?

    • Deej

      The second to last is saying how; with Voltron originally being made out of cars (the lion one was a seperate show), the mexican variation would be made of bikes (joking about how mexicans are cheap)

      The last one is a quote from the godfather, how it ties into the scene I’ve no idea.

  • albs

    there should be the option;

    6 -None of the Above.

    • MichaelGS

      I vote for you

  • DUH

    I thought that was Obama for real

  • Spiderpig615

    HAHA I remember number three’s’s the best.

  • Dalakman

    Okay all unfunny, some of the other comments were much funnier than the nominated ones.

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