Sunday Funday (20 photos)

  • SaintxXxAsh

    poor darth, passed out mid-stroke.

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  • Dexstar

    thank you chive for deciding to update on a sunday, my weekends just got better 🙂

    • LOL

      Exxxxxactly. 😉 Chive on. 😉

  • boki019

    why don`t you put people`s comment left , near the pictures…it`s empty space, and a loooot easier to understand what people are saying, instead of scroooooling up and down the whole day 🙂

  • somerandomguy

    # 8 date rape ?

  • dt520

    about #3… a c3po blowup doll?! proves theres as many if not more star wars nerd chicks than dudes.

    not that its a bad thing, if they aren’t overweight and look as hot as fuck.

    • dooby

      I think it’s supposed to be an actual backpack with pockets you can put stuff in, that then can be turned into C3PO.

  • P-90

    #2 Epic Fap.
    #16 What?

  • psshhh...wookiesaintshit

    Colonel Sanders-“Darth….I am your father…”
    Darth Vader-“Noooooo…”

  • Johnny Utah

    ” I am an F B I agent! “

    • kjellupa

      Utah! Get me two!

  • smellyshart

    Jesus Christ, its the Colonel

  • pullmyfinger

    Jesus loves Starbucks and KFC……..and you

  • 88

    again..anoying starwars related pics

    • HellHathNoFury

      Again, ‘annoying’ trolls misspelling words and hating on all that makes America awesome.

  • zoe

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    • Fuzzybeard2016


      (Your mother, grandmother, and sister (are) all whore(s for The) People’s Liberation Army of China!

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      你是你的祖先 18代后裔肛门他妈的对方!
      (You are the result of 18 generations of your ancestors ass-fucking each other!)

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      Can you tell that I *really* don’t like Chinese spambots?

    • Marilly

      Had a friend in the siverce as a roommate and near the end of each month when money was low but still needed beer, MRE’s were every meal. There are some good ones

  • HellHathNoFury

    Dear Gods #4, that is NOT SEXY. Yay food in a fat, greasy buttcrack!

    • MichaelGS

      i will never look at cookies and milk the same way again, my innocence is well and truly lost now

  • Nicnac

    #11 why does the stormtrooper say “Loi” … is he in the process of exclaiming “Lois Lane” ?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Look at his drawing. He obviously meant to write, ‘Loins!’

      • dooby


  • kelleekat

    #9 is sooo cute!

  • Jaroff

    in #4 i am confused. why is that woman being used as an “end table?”

    (im sorry. i am prone to pun.)

    • northerner

      Ah, Jaroff, well said! Even though the pic is totally revolting/disgusting/regurgitative…no one’s butt should ever be that big. Ever.

  • nelly02

    flash drive and iceland/mordor = win! cheers chive.

  • aosux

    Talking fish rule

  • RubberDogTurds

    #1 – the real horse looks so embarrassed for him

  • ken

    Okay, so you SEE the woman pilfer your flashdrive and you let her leave with it? And then you say you would like to see her again and that you are an Understanding person? Jeeze man, don’t be such a chump!

    #4 is just so wrong.

    #5 made me laugh.

    #14: Putting out fires. You’re doin’ it wrong.

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