• Jimmy1264

    hell Yes

  • John Dennis Morton III


  • bill

    hell yea I would.awesome build.

  • GIJane88

    Gorgeous! and so strooooong 🙂

  • wanker

    no freakin way, she's more musculine than an average male

  • korrie


  • Lester

    Not only would I spend all night swinging from the rafters with her, I WOULD tell my friends.

  • bill

    hell yea,i would.

  • Jason

    Hyena clitoris.

  • Mister Me


  • daveeee

    She could flex her parts around my part!

  • iggy catalpa

    Well, she's flexing in those shots, so I imagine that when relaxed, she probably looks quite "normal". So yes.

  • Ben



  • Lester

    Of course. Why not?

  • me.

    I honestly don't know. I appreciate the work (and steroids) she has put in to her workout routine to attain such a build, but she's too mannish for me.

    Definitely maybe… possibly.

  • Sam Squires

    No. lol.

  • Jean Deaux

    I would do it so fast, it would make your head spin.

  • Tim


  • dan

    just no

  • randazzle

    Probably would, standards are out the window these days. Could use some giant titties though

  • dave

    big arms and a flat ass? That sounds too much like a guy.

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Javi

    mmmmm YES

  • mac

    she would dominate but yes

  • George

    depends how big her dick is

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