It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (18 Photos)

  • American Pride

    #6 is rediculous! That is an American Icon and to downgrade it to, or even compare it to a gay movement is a terrible insult. I understand having fun with things, but this should never be used as a mockery! Horable judgement on this.

    • HellHathNoFury

      What’s ‘ridiculous’ is that America, which you’re so proud of, has free education, and yet you shame us all with your ‘horrible’ spelling. If you want to make America proud and be a real patriot, get a decent enough education to make something useful of yourself.

      • aosux

        You exemplify the meaning of the picture…redneck

      • Anonymous


        • Furthy

          FYI, that photo was staged.

        • Fred

          Did Eddie Murphy call himself a cunt…I’m so confused.

      • archie goodwin

        using someone’s spelling as a measure of their intelligence? how very damn trite or tright.

    • archie goodwin

      Funny how the leftists love to label those who disagree with them as “rednecks” and at the same time fight against stereotypes. Comedic. How absurd this world has become.

      • Jon without the h

        Archie, the reason it says that is because most rednecks are dead-set against anything homosexual. It’s not a stereotype the leftist came up with, it’s the truth. However, I understand that not all of them are like that. It’s wrong to generalize…just like it’s wrong for you to generalize that all leftists label those who disagree with them as “rednecks.” So you are guilty of the same type of labeling of which you are accusing. We all suck and as long as we have this bickering and ignorance around, we will never agree, never love, and never live together as a strong and unified country.

        • Marine

          “With the costly beach head finally secure on Iwo Jima, the U.S. Marines turn their attention to Mt. Suribachi, the volcano which is covered with Jap guns. Off shore, U.S. Naval ships pour tons of shells into the mountain. The Marines slowly advance uphill as U.S. dive bombers place sticks of bombs immediately ahead of the Leathernecks. Jap fortifications with narrow entrances and huge, thick walls are reduced with hand grenades. Battered Jap gun emplacements, and scores of slain Japs are passed. When at last the summit is reached, the Marines enact one of the stirring scenes in American history, the Stars and Stripes are planted on Suribachi, 750 miles from Tokyo!”

          • P-90

            The original flag hoisted was small and went practically unoticed, the image we all know was restaged with a much larger flag while those who took the mountain were back in combat. I think I read that at least three of the marines in the staged photo were later killed on the island.

            • TiminPhx

              It wasn’t a “staged” photo. It was simply decided that there needed to be a bigger flag placed, so one was brought in. Joe Roenthall took a series of photos of that flag raising and it became the “photo of World War 2.”

              And yes, this redneck, this former Marine’s head explodes when he sees some sack of shit excuse of a male, use this iconic image in some sort of gay propaganda. But if you actually can look a some of the photos here of women on Chive and think…”no, I would rather put my dick in a guy’s ass” then who can figure how your mind works…”

              • Billy2hats

                i think 'merica forgets the millions of British and Europeans that died before you decided to stop making a profit out of WW2.

    • Manicotti

      The more important the icon, the more it deserves to be parodied. Why so serious? It’s not like its dignity is worth anything.

      • TiminPhx

        “The more important the icon is….” What a load of self indulgent hyperbole, that’s used to justify being an asshat.

        Everything is subject to ridicule, everything is a joke, nothing deserves respect in your jaded, “god, someone think me clever” world.

        It’s you all, that are the sad little joke. Be it if you are making good money building subs, or god forbid you actually served in the military and didn’t pick up a sense of respect for those who went before you.

        So do your photoshop, slap each other on the back, think yourself the ultimate wag, but again, you are not worth a pitcher of spit compared to those you dare use in your dumbass parodies.

        • LibertyB

          Why do you Chive???

  • confused

    Some good motivational pics right there, #12 and 16 are the best in my opinion

  • Dub

    First That is all

    • Spiderpig615

      Fail…that is all!!

      • Insert Name Here

        Dumbass…that is all

    • matt

      Retard!…that is all

    • tommybhoy

      Virgin….thats the cause!

  • Spiderpig615

    I feel the motivation!!

    • RubberDogTurds

      i feel…my boobs. you lose

      • unfairrobot

        I’m feeling a mental image of that, amongst other things.
        You don’t lose, but I do win!

  • Sheng

    Most of them are new pics, or probably only me who haven’t seen em before. Bravo! Dear Chivers, what exercise are they doing on pic 15?

    • aosux

      Butt thrusts! Halleluiah

  • Mustaf_Beer

    C’mon, if anyone could ever be Chuck Norris’s father, it would have to be Clint !!!

  • psycho ph.d.

    #17 is real. It’s the history of psychology by a guy actually named “Boring”. The book is boring as crap too.

  • WhatAnAssGasket

    #8 -Have you ever been so angry that you threw a horse at someone? #16- and the invisible was between them and said “I don’t know what happened but my butt hole sure hurts”

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    • omg!! no!!!

      The bots have made there way inside!!!!! we are all fucked now!!!!

  • fourtwenty

    #2 made my penis cry. adam sandler————>

  • nickmare

    what the hell is a scene kid

  • Tiger's Wood

    HHNF – Spelling is not the point here, it’s TheChive….. so who really cares? I agree with American Pride. It doesn’t matter if you’re left, right, or independent…. you think the soldiers who raised that flag would approve of that?? And all you can think about is spelling. You, HHNF, are rediculous, shows how much pride you have in your country. You are sickening.

    • hitman219

      People would rather bask in the freedom of spouting off whatever the hell they like then to respect the ones that fought so hard to ensure that we even have the right to do so. As for the spelling, like you said it’s The Chive who gives a shit?

      • Tiger's Wood

        Yes sir you are correct, it’s a damn shame too!

      • bb

        “Spelling is not the point here, it’s TheChive….. so who really cares”
        Listen to your own advice ass-clown! It’s the Chive so who really cares!

        Go suck dick.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’ll be ‘not supporting my military’ while I build this Ohio-class submarine for the US Navy, douchebag.

      • aaronisadouche

        I think HHNF has done more to support america and americas troops than either of you put together.

      • Nameless

        Fucking aye! I’d say HHNF has you beat in the “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You” Department. Suck it Tiger’s Wood, suck it.


        A US Army Iraq Veteran.

      • Conner

        Haha. I’ve always wondered what you did for a living. Thanks.

      • TiminPhx

        And making good wages doing it. You would most likely being the leftist scum you are, make one just as quickly for the Iranians. So don’t pull that out as some sort of “noble sacrifice” that entitles you to ridicule the men (and soon women) who actually take them to sea.

        • HellHathNoFury

          I would? Wow, didn’t know that! Being a big Jew, born and raised in Africa, i’m sure I would love to support the people that committed genocide on my people.
          Your assumption is foolish and sickening.

        • Nameless

          Anyone who makes the hardware me and mine use to keep our asses (and your worthless one) out of harms way is all right in my book. And besides, just who are you to be wrapping yourself up in the flag, brother? I doubt you chewed any sand with me or built any subs with her, so how’s ’bout you wrap yourself up in toilet paper instead of our flag and give yourself a burial at an inland sea at your nearest truckstop.

    • Nameless

      Oops. Accidentally replied to HHNF instead of you. DIdn’t want you miss this one Tiger’s Wood: Suck it. Suck it long and suck it hard. LOL

      • Tiger's Wood

        Wow, what a huge pussy you are Nameless. You must watch the Military channel and think you’re right in the action. If you are a Military man, which I STRONGLY doubt, you just made a fool of and degraded yourself along with our Military…. smart one you are. Try growing a set and then talk.

        • Nameless

          My “set” is just fine. Ask your mother and your last three significant others. *wink*

  • Buffet

    I agree with the ‘Fury’ chic about spelling. Either get it right, go back to school, or go home.

    • LOL

      Or at least use fire fox as your browser because it automatically underlines misspelled words for you. 😉

      As for the iconic nature of the picture in #6…yes it is an amazing picture. It makes me proud every time I see it. I know first hand what that life takes out of a family. And you know what? The picture doesn’t bother me. It’s some beautiful men raising a flag. They might be gay, they might not be. Hell, I’m sure some of the men who were actually there at the flag raising could have been gay. Does that make me less proud when I see the pic? Hell no. 😉

  • Arkansas Lad

    O.o You know I’m from Arkansas and I really don’t see what’s to get all riled up about gay people? I mean seriously, of all things to hate? >.> Homophobia is rather hilarious, my friend Steve and his boyfriend Phillip get the biggest laugh out of making the local rural folk clear out of places by kissing. It’s fucking hilarious. Those gay bastards are some of my best friends, yes I called them bastards… why? BECAUSE MEN INSULT EACH OTHER! Now if you’ll excuse my I have to go chop would and attend to my pterodactyl ranch.

  • AmericaRools

    America rools doods.
    suk it

    • Me

      “America rools doods?”
      What are you after here?
      “America rules dudes” or “America rules, dudes”

      • LOL

        Or “America, rules, dudes” As in “It’s America and in America, we have rules, dudes.”
        Or “America, rules dudes”
        Or “America, Rools (a pure Ruby rules-engine. Its goal is to abstracting business logic and program-flow. Rools is ideally suited to processing applications where the business logic undergoes frequent modification.) Dudes (an individual, typically male, particularly somebody well dressed or who has never lived outside a big city.)”
        So that’d be a redneck country kid using a ridiculously complex program to analyze the most amazing country in the world?

        It is so sad that I bothered to google rools & dudes…{face palm}…I need a better hobby. 😛

  • radiodial

    All I can think of with these fat people is where the f*#k are they coming from? Are they breeding with each other?

  • bb

    How many of you patriots would be throwing your little red,white, and blue hissy fit if it were four bikini-clad knockout babes hoisting that flagpole. Most likely, you’d be too busy with your left hand on your cock and your right thumb up your ass to type any responses of discontent.

  • Equalizer

    Me want to see whats going to happen in #15…

  • ken

    #2 is amazing. That woman is sitting on a bench and her belly button is showing half way between her knees and ankles! (most Chive photos show women with their belly-buttons showing ABOVE their waist lines) Think about what that would be like, to have your belly button showing below your flippin’ knees!

    As for the general debate, the service men who served in the Pacific war went through hell. Island hopping, jungle fighting in mud, heat and disease. Not to mention an enemy that pushed the envelope on unbridled brutality and furious desperation. The Japanese soldiers laid it all on the line for victory and mostly had to be killed instead of giving up. It was a mess.

    I don’t know if the photo here was meant to be disrespectful to our veterans who served in that arena, but it doesn’t alter my respect for those soldiers who were actually there.

  • deleted

    #6. WTF chive?

  • 1001143

    and as you bitch about some stuff about gays and what not Canada just took over..

    • Timothy Parrish

      Yah that'll happen….. With what their maple syrup and Moose?

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  • clickhere

    #12 how much ass are we talking about?

  • Jawbone

    #6 Somewhere these guy's heads are exploding. Inside each other's rectums.

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