Walkin’ on water…well, sort of (Video)

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These guys are walking on non-newtonian fluid which is cornstarch dissolved into water. The result is a liquid that can act (at least temporarily) like a solid. It looks fun.

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  • aosux

    That does look cool.

  • mook

    This stuff is really fun to play with. Absorbs kinetic energy which makes it act like a solid object… well temporarily.

  • Matt

    interesting and fun stuff, but i’ve seen this a hundred times in the past couple of years so its kinda boring now.

  • eh

    Oh!!! Me next!!

  • CustardFiend

    …or you can use custard

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Hey, concrete is mixed with water, too, so technically….

  • tomorrowbystorm

    Made this stuff in chem class in High School a long time ago. Fun to put in a Dixie cup and throw at people, then laugh when they freak out before it just bounces off of them.

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  • Lester_Burnham

    This is an spanish freaky tv show called ‘El Hormiguero’ (The Ant’s Nest). its about humour, science experiments like this one and a lot of things more… :D

    Is a program from Cuatro, the channel thant made that chessboard commercial for Lost’s last season.

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