Maybach Exelero is classy (12 Photos)

This exclusive 700-horsepower monster can be yours for the low low price of 7.8 million. Luxury, huh? You can keep it.

  • top dog

    7.8 million, Thats enough to sustain me for life. I love the car though, but I don’t think I would spend that much for it, Hell, I wouldn’t spend that much for a house.

  • Spiderpig615

    Waste of money. I rather get the Audi A9…yea the one that changes colors with a touch of a button.

    • Darth Vader

      That’s my car. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

      • Spiderpig615

        “I find your moms vagina disturbing”——–>Spiderpig615

        • Darth Vader

          Hei Spiderpig615.. I don’t really know, bitch. You’re still a young girl and maybe it’s just disturbing compared to your pretty, little vagina.

  • Equalizer

    Me want two!!!

  • Jones

    Love the look of this

  • Zappa

    The high price is just for that rich bastard, who will eventually have the most exclusive car in the word produced in our times.

  • aosux

    1st) The front end is hideous
    2nd) The MC SLR McLaren does 0-60mph almost a whole second faster and gets above 200mph top speed as well; only costs about 6% of this price tag.
    3rd) Jay-Z drove it in a video, that brings the value down for me

    • aosux

      I just realized I should have put MB instead of MC.

  • stafferty

    I’d rather drive a classic muscle car than this hot wheels looking thing. If you have 7.8 million dollars for a car you shouldnt need to drive anywhere anyway. Its over, you won at that point.

    • aosux

      I agree. American muscle made the best cars in the ’60/70’s

  • meh

    This is a CONCEPT CAR, not a production model. They aren't actually selling these, so the 7.8 million "price" is completely bogus.

    (you ignorant fools)

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